Unbelievable!!! But true.

Once again Westwood is not "special" teams player of the week. I just don't understand it. And he just bought a short bus and everthing......I guess rocking back and forth on the bench talking to yourself isn't special enough, you have to actually make a Field goal or t......well, let's start with one and work from there.

the only good thing about his missed field goals is that the cover team has forced a fumble for a touchdown. but only 1

Troy boys average ain't looking so hot.....maybe they should let Ryan take a shot at a few field-goals...

........I wouldn't even want a quick glance at Troy's boys, let alone see them long enought to determine if they looked hot or not.....

I think the big baby is just so damn intimidated by Ryan that his confidence is shot. He needs to act like a professional and get it together and quit sulking on the bench and stop letting down his team mates. Didnt he lead the league last year in FG%, ability is not his problem its his freakin attitude, he should take some of those self improvement courses and get a hair cut, the hippy.

I think you're close there Pigeye. Reading the Free Press yesterday, he said as much in the article about John Ryan. How Westwood thought he made a good punt and Ryan would come and blow by it by 20 yards.

maybe if he got a hair cut he could see the goalposts better

I think that Westwood should be kicking from inside the 40, where he has been perfect this year believe it or not. From outside the 40 he's something like 3 for 11. Why not let Ryan kick from outside the 40. Hell, why not let Ryan kick a field goal from the opposite side of midfield. Odds are he would still make it.

doesnt matter anyways…cuz ottawa will beat the bombers.

but i wouldnt mind if winnipeg did win, tho…cuz it would make thinks more interesting in the west.

with montreals loss to calgary, ottawa can afford to drop one to the bombers…theyd still have first in the east. and if toronto beats edmonton, then ottawa would still be tied for first…

but i stil think ottawa will beat winnipeg

I dont think so drummer, you dont sound too sure either.

Westwood just isn't that good anymore, he can't even do a solid kickoff. I would let Ryan giv'er. Because after this season Ryan is just going to be a memory cause from what he's showing we're gonna be stuck with Westwood next year doing everything and Ryan's gonna be kicking it back in the NFL.

Boy I sure hope your wrong lightning, the friendly ladies selling beer next year,will issue one barf bag per beer if Westwood gets the call on all duties.