Unbelievable! Argos' Shaq Richardson NOT Fined For Cheap Shot

A sense of urgency. Imagine that.

does that mean if toronto and any other team are in the grey cup the calls will go in favor of toronto? Ive heard rumors the nfl is rigged so that the team with the most economic benefit of a superbowl will get the win. I've also heard and nfl team had been playing well all year and when the superbowl came they changed up their game plan so they would lose. Do you think this kind of crap happens in the cfl?

football conspiracies!

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Any team with Tom Brady on it gets special treatment.
When officials outright ignore blatant fouls by the Bucs, and call imaginary or ticky-tacky penalties on the opposing team, then you know you have a problem. This happened in the last Super Bowl, and continued during their game on Thursday (obvious Offensive Pass Interferance - you KNOW it's bad when the former head of officiating says it was a push-off) that gave the Buck a first down in FG territory. The same call was made against Dallas on a much less obvious play earlier.

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Hopefully we can all start to heal now.

An additional fine from Week 5:

  • Toronto Argonauts defensive back Shaquille Richardson was fined for unsportsmanlike conduct in the Labour Day Classic against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.


Does this mean the league does actually enforce rules against the Argos? We're in a bit of a paradox here, as technically, this thread shouldn't even exist.


Why did it take an extra week to issue the fine?

League saw this thread and realised we were on to them.


The league office was too busy passing the hat around collecting money to cover his fine .


Could be CFL.ca's screw-up


Nah I'll stick with my scenario . It's sounds more apropos as to how things probably work at CFL HO with Bobandy in charge . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thats fine but why don't you think it could be CFL.ca?
Maybe they just forgot to but it in their article?
Its not like they are the Mecca of sports journalism

That's bull. Roger Goodell did everything he could to witch hunt Brady. Brady went to court and got the suspension reduced, then came back and won the Superbowl again. If there's one guy that Goodell would actually conspire AGAINST it would be Brady. The NFL does not favor Brady.

Keep telling yourself that

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