Unbelievable! Argos' Shaq Richardson NOT Fined For Cheap Shot

I find it hard to believe the Argo's Shaq Richardson was not fined for his cheap shot at the final whistle of the Labour Day Classic. What a joke!!!!

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Well he is an Argo after all :roll_eyes:

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It doesn't surprise me because in the CFL there is one set of rules for the Argos and one for everybody else. There are some many examples of this.

You may recall after the 2019 season, the Argos violated the salary cap and were not fined or disciplined at all by the league. That was the first time in almost 20 years the salary management system wasn't enforced.

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What, again?

If I wanted conspiracy theories, I'd do a search for John Kennedy assassination, moon landing or World Trade Centre towers. If I wanted silliness, I'd check out discussions on the "pending" launches of the XFL and USFL.

And before you say something even dumber, no I'm not an Argos uber alles fan. I'm a fan of Canadian football and Canadian sport in general.

Did you see the play they are talking about??

I missed that play. Was Richardson injured? :grimacing:

No. And that detail is irrelevant. This is the part of his post to which I'm strongly objecting:

You should by now have noticed that I'm a CFL first fan and not kindly disposed to ultra-partisan comments.


Maybe someone could start a separate forum where Tiger-Cats fans could post ultra-partisan comments favouring our own team. If it works, we could do the same for other teams, and then have some kind of league-wide forum where the partisan stuff could be better policed.


Sorry. While I neither trash talk nor do I ever put any CFL team down, I reserve the right to call other posters for ill behaviour wherever they may lurk. I accord "safe haven" to teams and players, not to posters.


Thinking about the incident now, I believe I can explain why Shaq Richardson wasn't fined. The CFL seems to reserve its fines for acts which increase the chance of serious injury. Post-game shoving matches and other such stupidity are precisely that (stupidity), but they don't necessarily present risk of serious injury.


"Thinking about"?? Well since you actually didn't see it, maybe you shouldn't be commenting about it at all. :roll_eyes:

Edmonton Elks star receiver Greg Ellingson fined for throwing gloves to young fan

That came after teammate Justin Renfrow disclosed his fine for signing a young fans hat.

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No. Perhaps you should have read my initial post. Regardless of the CFL's bungling of any particular call/incident, my objection was to the statement that the CFL favours the Argonauts (or any particular team for that matter).

Do you actually subscribe to the nonsense "favouritism" thesis? My understanding is that you're not a kid anymore and that your age approaches mine.


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I'm not talking about your initial post, I'm talking about why you think Richardson wasn't fined. You didn't see it, so therefore you shouldn't be commenting.

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Nonsense. Any thread contains multiple comments. Posters are free to respond to not just the opening comment but any of them.

Once you publish your formal guidelines for posting on this forum, it should become more clear, and the rest of us can strive to comply.


Excuse me but I'm not the one arguing that I have no business in this thread.

Not saying I agree but they were covid related so injury kinda sorta does apply

I know. It makes sense, but just sounds so frivolous. It's the times we live in.

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The world has gone insane.