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Grey Cup a hot ticket in T.O.

TORONTO (CP) - It's more than a year away, but the 2007 Grey Cup appears to be a hot ticket.

Organizers of the Nov. 25, 2007, game in Toronto announced Friday that they had sold more than 20,000 tickets in 24 hours. The advanced ticket sale was scheduled to be open for just 24 hours but organizers extended that by an additional eight hours after receiving such strong support.

"We are off to an amazing start," said Brad Watters, the event's general manager. "The results of this one day sale exceeded our expectations."

Any tickets not sold by Friday's midnight ET deadline will not be available to the public again until next year.

The 2007 Grey Cup will be the first CFL championship played in Toronto since 1992.

That explains why there were nothing but garbage seats left by the time I checked them out.

Good show TO!

thats amazing..consider winnipeg has only sold 37,000 grey cup tickets in all the time they;ve been onsale...and toronto sells 20K in one day.

i was gonna buy some grey cup tickets yesterday, but decided it would be stretching my budget right now ( didnt know they went on sale until a few days ago....short notice )

im gonna score some in march FUR SURE

2 of them are mine!

I hate buying off the ticketmaster website though. I'm 95% sure that if I had my choice of any of the tickets that remained, and not just the ones ticketmaster considers the best, that I would have found seats I was happier with. Oh well.

I think the Grey CUp sale may have hurt attendance for the ARgo game.

oh well, they played like garbage anyways.

im glad i saved my money tonite.

I just got back, it was horrible.
Damon needs to retire.

It was a bad game.

But I got autographs after the game!
-Arland Bruce
-John Avery
-Orlando Steinauer
-Khalil Carter
-Noah Cantor

They were all signing!

That's the beauty of our league. Great players and great guys.

See You on the Field is a great thing.

The new owners have done an amazing job and can be credited for the turn around.
That's why it is great to see the GC tickets selling like hotcakes.

With the owner of CTV being the chairman of the 2007 GREY CUP festival that says allot about the new CFL T.V. contract coming up.

In 1991 at this time there was only 3,000 in total sold.

I can't wait to see who they get for the half time show?

A GREAT START. I bought 4 tickets to the big game in Toronto.

hmmm...'07 grey cup halftime show?....stones?

That is very possible , if they would take a pay cut , but they love Canada and Toronto.It would sell many tickets , that is for sure. :thup:

Hopefully the game itself will sell tickets, moreso than the halftime show!

My buddy (in Montreal) and I almost had our own tickets, but we had "technical difficulties" and juuuuuust missed the deadline :frowning: So now I'll just have to wait until March ...