My god... I hardly even know where to begin with the EDM vs SASK game...
What exactly did Edmonton do right?
sure they had a quick start with that INT for a TD by Hill but like... WHERE IS THE OFFENSE? We couldnt get a DAMN MAJOR with the wind!
You know what? the defense was pretty good in this game, you know what killed them? The Eskimo offense, idk how many times they went 2 and out... the defense was getting exhausted and then begun to become there original selves... and there original selves is CRAP.
I have sat through unbeleivable loses (imagine that... eskimos losing... at home... huh...) but by far this game i left Commonwealth embaressed being an eskimo. Once again, the DB's were dreadfull to watch... idk how these guys get paid... legit... they are TERRIBLE.
If Edmonton dosent change something soon, i gurantee Edmonton being 4th in the West
I am very disgusted and tired about talking about Edmonton in a demoralizing fashion but... lets face it... even when we win, we are still a terrible football team... an example is last game in SASK. what a fluke win... i almost wished SASK won it b/c they deserved it...
I do have one positive thing to say, and that is i congradulate Whitlock with his runs, most were hard earned yards, and i congradulate Robinson i beleive his name is... (number 16) on his contributions, he did mess up, which in essence kinda cost us the game, but he did good on PR and DEF with his pick, ALTHOUGH, the special teams made dumb blocks and cost everything...

As much as i love the Eskimos, i love even more a GOOD game of football... the Eskimos have not had a good game of football for a VERY LONG TIME, but im guna take a guess and say they had a lot of good games in 2003.... thats quite a long time for a good game when grown men are getting paid to play...
Anyways, as of late i am disgusted (and thats being nice) with the Edmonton Eskimos and the crappy so called "Empire"

I feel your frustration.

All season long it was the defence costing us. Then tonight the defence played well. The D-Line put pressure on Durant, made him make some throws he didn't want to, sacked him quite a few times. We got a huge pick by Robinson. The defence wasn't bad... especially for the number of guys that went down. Looks like we could lose Lenny Williams again.

The offence sunk this team. It started last week in the second half... so, so many dropped passes... Granted, a couple were well defended, like the one in the endzone, the Eskimo (didn't catch his number) was being double teamed, and then a little later, Ray passes to Mann near the sideline, and the Saskatchewan defender was all over him.

But that only accounts for two of the what... dozen? dropped passes?

The offence looked good in the transition game against Calgary... and Strasser had the guys prepared in the first half of the game against Saskatchewan last week... but since then the offence has looked like crap.

Strasser better get this offence together...

This team is as I stated a POORLY coached team, that is all that I can say--

They basically are Playing PAY CHEQUE football. The ESKS only play hard after a LOSS-- After they win a game in which Ray goes nuts and perhaps they didnt deserve they follow it up with a BAD EFFORT--
Then they feel that they need to EARN their pay cheques so they WIN a game because they have to earn their pay cheque--

Notes on the game-- Malveaux still sucks and is a joke out there-- Our safety Richardson has never made a play in a game really--

Brad Robinson is very good and the most athletic DB we have on this team, You see ritchie hall i can guarantee you did not look at FILm from last year of Brad ROBINSON starting a few games-- This guy is a player and can make plays on Defense--

How many PICKS did KEYES have in that same position as ROBINSON?

I think the ESKS receivers may be a little soft, it was clear that the SASK defenders could grab and hit them and throw them right off their game--

BIG PROBLEM-- RAY completely owns a team and then in the rematch they completely shut him down-- Both Calgary and Sask have done that to them-- Ray is easy to gameplan for if you rush only 4 and drop 8 into coverage---

Edmonton Home field-- No advantage at all- In fact the players dont protect home field and have no Intimidation at all--

Ritchie Hall-- This team is playing like Ritchie Hall is acting-- VERY RELAXED and not PUTTING TOO MUCH EFFORT-- That is the bottom line-- RITCHIE HALL GETS A F for preparation- He does not have his team ready to play at all in any rematches or divisional games---

Stamps? Can he catch anymore? The most reliable receiver has not caught any passes and has dropped everything the last 2--

Rector-- Might have the best hands on the team-- He doesent drop anything that is thrown anywhere near him--good player-

WHitlock-- Plays with heart and is better than most running backs in the CFL, he is very good player, better than lumsden--

Edmonton Defense in 4th qtr of games especially at HOME is BRUTAL-- They never make any stops and just suck badly---

Ritchie Hall again is completely useless on the sidelines, players attacking others with shovels in practice shows what kind of respect HALLL commands, none that is ----

Perhaps consider putting Zabranski in when RAY struggles even for a series or 2 to give him time to watch from the sidelines and to snap out of his funk-- This worked when the Eks won the grey cup last-- Maas would come in and do well-- Machochia I will give him credit he at least benched RAY at times when he was struggling----
Even to just give Ray a break and Zabranski some playing time would be a good idea in tight games---

The secondary IMO will actuallly be pretty good SOON--- When GORDON comes back from injury, and Kangaroo Robinson is now starting and Randee DREW starts with gOSS they should have a good unit back there----

Drew and Robinson will bring some much needed speed to a slow and aging dbs---

The pass rush looked decent, they actually looked like they were getting pressure and trying in this game----

IN every back to back game, HALL has made no adjustments and got absolutely out coached to the point that RAY looked like crap out there--- Its not Rays fault its Ritchie hall;s, he didnt adjust at all and just sat back while his team lost and had no answers--

I totally missed the whole Game as I had to Work , but by the sounds of it , it was a very frustrating game to watch.

Rector's dropped at least three passes in the last two weeks. He seems to have a flair for the tough catch, but trouble making the routine one. Kind of like Kamau, only worse. There goes that theory....

Whitlock's better than Lumsden? Are you freakin' at all serious? Just wait 'til Lumsden gets back on the field. You'll forget all about Whitlock quicker than you can tie your shoes. Nothing against Whitlock necessarily, but the two don't even compare.

Two things ARE clear, though. You're totally infatuated with B. Robinson and you totally despise R. Hall....both to the point that it's beyond redundant.

To be fair, saying Whitlock is better than Lumsden or vice versa isn't saying much... One guy fumbles constantly, and the other one can't play more than two consecutive games before getting injured.

True, I guess, but......you know what I mean.

Anyway, if this team doesn't win the next three in a row, it doesn't deserve a Grey Cup IMO. If you look at strength of schedule, we definitely have an advantage. I think the defensive upgrades are great, too. You? And the D played well this weekend without them, which has to be another positive sign. That was a tough loss, but to a very good team. I have high hopes, but the dropped passes have to stop. Ray just can't be any better at this point. Those dudes need to catch the freakin' ball!!!!!!!!!!

I rather Have Arkee then Jessie any day Arkee rushed for nearly 2000 yrds and 25 TD in his final year of US college ball . while Jessie played at a Canadian university which really can't compare .

Compare their college ball all you want. It's history. Lumsden's a beast who literally runs over people. He's the most physical back in the league, and that serves him well once he gets into the secondary against all of those guys who go 5'10, 200 lb.. I'm just looking forward to seeing him put together an entire injury-free year for the Esks in 2010. He could dominate, give the offense a new dimension. The good thing now is that Whitlock is proving himself to be pretty good. (when he's not coughing up the ball) Let's not bother to pit one against the other. We've got both and that's a good thing...., and we've got McCarty and Bertrand too.

Idk about all of you ladies and gents, but im very excited to see Byron Parker for the Green and Gold, FINALLY the Eskimos have a little good news, i just hope he isnt another Jordan Younger and turns out to be a piece of s%@t. My god he was terrible, at least you can see the esks are trying to improve their DB's havent been quite successful but there trying and thats what i like to see. Im hoping Parker will be in for the next game, we NEED HIM!

There is no such thing as a Injury free season for Jessie I personally think he's done if not I wouldn't want to build my Offence around him I do like McCarty with him and Arkee they could make a good Backfield Bertrand could be used as trade bait .
Arkee will get better at holding onto the Ball , I think he just tries to hard for that last yard when he should be protecting the Ball otherwise IMHO I think we have a Gem . I know Chief wouldn't agree.

Hey, if he'd get over his fumbling problems, I wouldn't have a problem with him... it just seems like his fumbles always cost us at the worst time. Not to mention I'd like to see them use McCarty a little more. The guy's a good back, but we're just wasting his talent by keeping him on the bench. I'd like to see Edmonton do what Indianapolis did in 2006 with Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai.

Did You notice on Arkee long running play in the 2nd Quarter when he got to the 10 yrd line he put both arms around the ball to make sure he wouldn’t lose it. I think he’s learning.

Sadly, it's too little, too late. This team sucks. I've already said in the main board that I don't want them in the playoffs. Ridiculous...

Yeah, I noticed that too. Also noticed that every time he breaks off a run like that, he seems to run out of gas at the end of it. It looks like he's running with ankle weights on.