Will the Lions go 18-0
Yes or No if no what will there record be?

I think they can pull it off...... I HOPE they can pull it off.... I want to see them in teh Grey Cup... I ahve my tickets!!!!!

I would love the Lions to go 18-0 but not likely. In the CFL, any team can win at any time, despite their records. Hopefully the Lions don't get too full of themselves and treat Lions fans to a Grey Cup victory. Pretty sure Buono will have the Lions prepared for every game.

Their regular season record doesn't mean squat if they dont' win the Cup.

It means even less if they don't win the western final.

By the way if they go unbeeten does that mean they did not serve vegetables

…I am pretty sure that beets will not be on the Lions pre-game menu, so I’m saying ‘yes’ to unbeeten…