Unbalanced Schedule

When did CFL get away from East/West teams get away from Home/Away with other conference teams?

2021 they went heavier into a divisional schedule.

When they realized they needed to disguise the massive competitive imbalance between the divisions.


Not sure on wording of question?
CFL schedule has pretty much always been unbalanced since early 80s so far as I know

The only swing is whether they play more games vs own division or other division

eg Argo as example
2022 10 vs E & 8 vs W
2021 8 vs E & 6 vs W
2019 - 2014 8 vs E & 10 vs W
2013 - 2006 10 vs E & 8 vs W
2005 - 2002 8 vs E & 10 vs W
2001 - 1997 10 vs E & 8 vs W
1996 8 vs E & 10 vs W

It changes constantly really but if memory serves last year we have balanced schedule is prior to interlock schedule so early 80s

2021 in the shortened covid season. They kept with it in 2022 and now 2023.

Me thinks it's to save on travel.

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I agree..

...but I think its cheap and makes for a less compelling schedule. Have everyone play home and away once and use any surplus games on the divisional and rivalry matchups if we must.

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I agree that it's better for the fan to do home/away with the other conference but not for one second do I believe that the CFL will go back to what it used to do.

I think it's better for the fan to see more of the matchups they're interested in, and that's divisional matchups. For the teams, it means increased revenues and decreased costs.

It also makes more sense to have division-heavy schedules if they continue to seed playoffs by division. If they ever go with a united league, then I'd like to see them balance the schedule. If East teams play home-and-away vs West teams, that's over half their schedule outside their division.

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Naturally I meant the fan that wants to see the other division. Statistically you are correct that the conference games don't get as many fans out to the game.

I'm not holding my breath on a unified league. It might happen one day in a hundred years or so lol but for now with a 9 (or near future 10-12) league. The eastern teams aren't going to want to give up their guaranteed home playoff games and the way voting goes it's not going through.


I don't see a unified league happening anytime soon, either. Especially if they do get to 10 teams, as then there'd be less need as they could maintain a division-heavy schedule and provide more variety of opponents at the same time.

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The last time I looked
The east had 2 teams with a home playoff game
The west has 2 teams with a home playoff game

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Regardless of whether or not they deserved or earned it.


They earned it by finishing 1 and 2nd in their respective divisions therefor they deserve it

From 1961 to 1973 the West had a 16 game season compared to the East who had a 14 games (Division opponents 3 times and across only once with homes teams alternating)

1974 the East added two more games to bring it to 16.

1981 was a fully interlocking schedule from that point on.

Even the playoffs were different before 1973.

Hopefully this clears up a few things.

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We’ve been over this before. You can’t say they deserved or earned it when Western teams with a tougher schedule and a better record don’t get the same treatment.

The East is clearly awarded their playoff spots and/or home playoff games almost every year solely because of their geographical location. Last year was a prime example. Toronto didn’t earn the right to host the Grey Cup play in game and should have, based on merit, travelled to BC to play that game. A gift for them that they didn’t earn based on their regular season standing minus the compass.

This will continue to be the case unless and until a balanced schedule and the much more fair one division is implemented. Those in the West are very tired of special treatment and different rules for the Eastern teams.

It’s also grossly unfair economically and hurts the league financially. A Western home playoff game will almost always bring in more fans to the stadium and more TV eyeballs. When will the CFL stop this ludicrous nonsense and stop shooting themselves in the foot economically at the same time?

Yes I can
The rules state X
X is being followed
They earned it and deserve it

You want to change the rules in order to find a way
to reward teams that have neither earned it or deserve it

And how exactly is the schedule harder?
The east has a more difficult schedule by playing at night in the west

How are the rules different?
How is it special treatment?

Those with unfair privilege will always say anything to rationalize their advantage and keep it.

These rules that you keep harping on about are set up with a structural advantage for the eastern teams. Fans across the country would be treated to better football if the rules were changed to allow actual good teams to host playoff games instead of charity cases.


How so?
Where is the advantage?
You are saying that this system was deliberate and designed on purpose to give the east an edge?

Where is this privilege?
The only privilege and advantage is when the east plays the west in the west at night

I have explained it many times and you refused to acknowledge facts.

Those on my side of the argument know what the current rule is. We are saying it is biased and unfair in favour of the East, which it is. I haven’t even mentioned the built in advantage of having to beat out only one team rather than two like in the West.

We are not debating what rule is in on this. We all know that. You have to dig a little deeper. We are saying the rule that is in place is unfair and should be changed. There are many debates as to rules that are unfair and those debates are good ones. For example, recovering a fumble because it bounced of your ass out of bounds ( the infamous ass fumble recovery rule) is a rule. That doesn’t mean that is is fair or rewards merit. Same as the compass based geographical playoff rules. A rule yes, but one devoid of merit. In either case the team or player hasn’t earned what they are literally given. I don’t like to see illogical rules in sports or rewards without merit. Simple as that. If you do then that is your opinion and you are entitled to it, but please do not obfuscate your opinion by saying that it is fair and has merit and teams earn things when they don’t in fact.

I am also surprised you once again have brought up your oft defeated travel argument and your baseless statement that Eastern teams have a tougher travel schedule because they play one game per year in BC (maybe) a little later than usual if it is a night game. What about Western teams that must play in the East earlier?

Leaving aside for a second that one to two or three hours of time difference means very little to a professional athlete, Eastern teams in the CFL or any sport have an incredibly easy travel schedule compared to Western or Central teams. The Argos didn’t leave the province of Ontario for six weeks this year, a scenario that is a pipe dream for any Western team. The Argos and Ticats can stay in their own homes for games against each other and ride the bus there. No flights or airport hassles or hotel rooms. The Eastern NHL teams have the same luxury except multiplied.

There has been study after study on the effects of travel in various leagues. We discussed this a few months ago and you conveniently have forgotten the evidence I posted being a scientific study backing up everything I am saying. I hope you remember that exchange and study. I know that @Hit.em.hard was involved in the discussion and that he remembers it. Your assertion that the East has a harder travel schedule couldn’t be more false and has been dismissed as false on this forum before via empirical evidence and scientific studies. Please stop advancing that nonsensical point when you know the opposite is true and have been provided with proof. It is not open discussion when you are advancing a point you know is incorrect but I will be courteous and not label that.

I have no intention of continuing this discussion that we have gone through before and you can continue to hang on to the gift the East receives as an Eastern fan and you are not the only one to do so. I might also suggest that you Google the travel miles of teams in various North American sports leagues to inform yourself of the great imbalance faced by Western and Central teams. I’m not sure the calculations are available for the CFL but they are for the NFL and NHL for sure.


No you have not!

Again how is it biased?
Was it biased before Ottawa came back and there were 4 teams in each division? How about when Mtl was gone? Was it biased and unfair then?

That is not true...the crossover means you have to beat 2 just like the west
As I mentioned before. Move Wpg to the east and the west will have this so-called advantage

NOw you are grasping at straws