Unattributed CFL Quote #3 - Hamilton-Sask Cup

Quoted by Kirk Penton in ‘The Athletic’ -

• This weekend’s games will be forgotten soon. The Grey Cup is going to be Saskatchewan against Hamilton. The Ticats are freaking good. I’ve never coached or played against a team as good as them. Out there in the west, no one manages the football better than the Riders. They are built to play playoff football. And they’ll be rested and playing at home.

Nice praise for the Cats.

Sorry Mark, but I am not familiar with either Kirk Penton, nor “The Athletic?. Is he a regular observer and reporter on things CFL?

The Athletic is the relatively new online sports journal and news service that scooped up many of the best print journalists as their papers died. Great reputation and reach across North America.

EXCELLENT coverage of most sports EXCEPT the CFL. Just one beat writer.

Penton covered the Bombers for 15 years and worked for Postmedia giving some national coverage.

The only problem is that you need to pay a subscription to read it. As a result not everybody has access to The Athletic.

Indeed. I just signed up to try it out. 70% off for the year so $25.

That’s why I listed this scuttlebutt

Very nice praise indeed.
Our coaching has been excellent, and I have to keep reminding myself that this is not a team that is being coached “up”.
It’s a highly talented team that’s being coached to their full potential*

*That was kind of nonsensical I’ll admit. What I mean is these aren’t average players being coached to be better. This team is stacked on natural talent that has banded together for a common cause.