Unattributed CFL Quote #2: Roughing the Passer calls ruining game

Quoted by Kirk Penton in the Athletic
If we sneeze on a quarterback, it’s roughing. How do I coach my guys to play football?

I guess it isn’t only the fans trying to figure out the calls. Interesting to hear a coach pick on this specific gripe.

Worse yet is when roughing the QB is called only after a coach’s challenge.


It’s video review that’s killing the game. Judgement calls like TTP were never meant to be dissected frame by frame to determine if a flag should have been thrown.

Allow the officials to judge in real time if a player could pull up, have a second set of eyes for helmet to helmet, limit the penalty to the initial point of helmet contact and remove it as a in game reviewable play.

I don’t like it but I understand it. Injured QBs because of concussions on dirty hits also ruins the game.


Agreed 100%.

I’m becoming more and more inclined to just do away with the review process altogether. It’s creating way too many pauses and delays in action, and it doesn’t often lead to a completely satisfactory ruling anyway.


I agree. Let humans, mistakes and all referee the games. Get rid of the video for everything official.

I am admittedly acronym challenged.
What is TTP?

I think until they get rid of video reviews they`re going to have low crowds in BC, Toronto and Montreal.

Of course it could all be part of a brilliant plan of Ambrosie to lower the bar in the CFL so we can build 12,000 seat stadiums in Kelowna, Saskatoon, Alaska, etc…

Look to the letter on the immediate left of the letter “T” on your keyboard for the answer . ;D The last two letters are AOK . :wink:

Never know Maybe it was TTP tickling the passer .

You can only tickle the QB if his name is Elmo . ;D


Fat fingers posting from my phone. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :wink:

< nm >

I’ve suggested before that before a judgement call gets reviewed, the referee should ask the officials in the area whether they saw the infraction but used their judgement and let it go. If so, no video review possible. The only exception to this would be for missed head shots on the QB, where the referee saw contact but didn’t call it because his angle prevented him from seeing that it was to the head.

absolutely no connection at all.

should they stop all video review…no
should they make changes to the procedure…very much yes.