Unattributed CFL Quote #2: Desjardins Running a 'Dumpster Fire'

Quoted by Kirk Penton in ‘The Athletic’ -

• I’m still trying to figure out what compelled Marcel Desjardins to cannibalize his team. He had a veteran core with good chemistry, and he just let them all walk away. Everyone in Winnipeg knew Dom Davis wasn’t the answer. Same for (Jon) Jennings in B.C. I have no clue what Marcel was thinking, or how he justified his moves to ownership. And you have to feel bad for Brad Sinopoli being stuck in that dumpster fire.

Confusion at every level!

I am wondering if ownership pressured Desjardin to cut salaries; he’s too smart of a GM just to let all of those players to walk; afterall he built that team…and to sign Trevor Harris when Burris was your Qb was a great move for the fiture
Don’t ever remember another team bringing in such a good Qb when your starter still has couple more years in him.

Something just doesn’t make sense in Ottawa.

He’s 51-91-2 as a GM.

Other teams were constrained by a salary cap. You can’t pay two starting QB salaries when you are obeying the cap.

So you have verified RBs violated the salary cap?

Just a pet theory I developed in 2015-16 as I watched them sign up anyone they wanted without constraint.

My theory also includes the fact that they were forced to start complying in 2019, and suddenly the wheels fell off.

Interesting theory. It fits and would explain what happened in Ottawa. But I still wouldn’t bet a lot of money on it being fact.

Evidence for this? ???

This is the internet. I don’t need evidence.

Google search brought up Articles from CFL.ca stating that all teams were under the salary cap limit between 2015-2017. In 2014 the only team that went over was the Cats by $8939.

Based on that info Ottawa didn’t have any advantage. Unless the league is lying and the numbers were fudged. ;D

Did Google also mention that MTL was making extra payments to certain players under the table? Maybe that was just an unfortunate one-off that never happened anywhere else.

Why feel bad for Sinopoli? He just re-signed for another term with them. If things were that bad, would he have done that? He could have signed with any other team.

I do believe there were articles detailing Kavis Reed infractions and as such he was fired.
When the Ottawa Roughriders folded the last time, one of the primary reasons given by, then ownership, was that competing teams were going over the salary cap and Ottawa simply could not afford to keep up.
The current RBs ownership group was given assurances that a similar situation would not occur again.
It would be hypocrisy for Ottawa to be over the Salary cap.
On another note, would Montreal be required to do a salary dump this off season to get under the Salary cap - maybe another tough season coming up for Mtl next year.

Have to admit it, ExPat, I’m sitting at home alone and this made me laugh out loud. Literally. I think you should produce bumper stickers, it should be the mantra of the 2020s! ;D

And wasn’t Chris Jones basically carrying close to double the allowed players on his practice roster around that time? Maybe they were interns? Or volunteers?

Yes. He was.
And Rider fans are the first to cast stones.

We lost Getzlaf for Rocky Butler. You lost a job.
Let’s call it even, Marcel.

Flick and Smith for Rocky no? (Worse actually)

Probably. When fans get a GMs horrendous deals mixed up maybe being bitter about being fired isn’t the way to go.

Flick and Smith for Butler.
First overall pick from Renegades dispersal draft to SSK for Corey Holmes.
Holmes and Getzlaf to SSK for Jason Armstead.
Tad Kornegay to SSK for Thyron Anderson and Jason French.

Riders were as happy with us then as Desjardins is bitter now.