Unattributed CFL Quote #1: Desjardins Hates Hamilton, Wants Condell

Condell didn’t look very good in the Grey Cup…he got his butt kicked pretty bad.

You posted a thread about a topic already covered by a previous thread!!???!!

Any reasonable person would have the decency to check the entire internet prior to posting!

At least you apologized… let this be a lesson.

If I ever do need to “learn a lesson”…it won’t be from you. Unless I need coaching in arrogance.

and this thread will be locked in 3…2…1…

Bobo: :smiley:

Feel the wind when it flies by heads…

It is allowed to use humour and laugh at ourselves but mostly at other teams…

I was responding to Mark…quoted his post, not yours.

Wasn’t being arrogant, I just think it’s a bit silly this whole thing about duplicate posts.

Didn’t mean to offend :slight_smile:

Steve: my mistake. Happy to apologize.

All good!

It sounds like a group hug is in order for the mutual admiration society ;DDesjardins may hate Hamilton but it appears that we all LUV each other . :slight_smile:

Bobo…hilarious ???

So anyway … I wonder if Penton has published some off-the-record comments about the Grey Cup?

You asked… from his last column of the year. See new topic. :slight_smile: