Unattributed CFL Quote #1: Desjardins Hates Hamilton, Wants Condell

Quoted by Kirk Penton in ‘The Athletic’:
• Unless you’ve worked here (Ottawa), you can’t imagine how much Marcel (Desjardins) hates Hamilton for firing him. I think he’ll hire (Tommy) Condell just to f them. Tommy does the best job of any co-ordinator in our league.

Maybe goes a bit of the way to explain Burris’ rants against things Hamilton?

I hope Condell says no just to “f” Desjardins. ;D

If Condell is the best coordinator in the league, then you don’t need another reason (vendetta) to justify hiring him.

On the other hand, Marcel would have a pretty hard time justifying why he deserved to keep his job in HAM back in the day.

Ottawa should learn that a good coordinator is not always a good head coach; just check out BC with their last two coordinators that were promoted to Head Coach.

Marcel did not come up with very many good ideas when he was in Hamilton. Don’t think he will be able to rebuild Ottawa; cause Ottawa now is in a similar situation as Hamilton was when he took over.
No other team will just gift him a HoF QB again; as he got when he started with RBs.

Who do you think said this? Must be an Ottawa insider.

That’s the top quality I want in a GM… Spite.

Look atDesjardins record in Ottawa, its not good. He sucks as a GM and this season showed he cant get lucky all the time. I hope TC stays a while, I was sceptical of him but he has proved me wrong plenty.

You were not alone in that skepticism. The Condell offence didn’t look that impressive at times in the beginning but really started to form an identity in the 2nd half of the season.

Agree completely. I was not a Condell fan early in the season, but have definitely been proved wrong, and come to appreciate him. Maybe Condell and Evans is one of those ideal matches, like Trestman and Calvillo, Dickenson and Mitchell, Belichick and Brady. At any rate, Cats seem to be flourishing with that duo, but as 150Gage points out, it doesn’t mean Condell would necessarily do so in Ottawa, especially as the team looks to need a major rebuild in the short term.

Condell might be a better fit in BC, where he has an established QB in Reilly and a featured receiver in Burham, with a strong supporting cast.

Courtesy of idealsheldon over on the MTL site

Some of Kirk Penton’sThe Insiders Say:


• I think we need to win this weekend to keep our jobs. Brock (Sunderland) and Jason (Maas) don’t talk too much. We can all feel the tension.

• If Toronto can’t get (Mike) O’Shea, would they hire Chris Jones? Him and (John) Murphy are tight, and Murph already told one of my coaches that he’s going to be the real GM in Toronto. Pinball (Michael Clemons) is their promote and sell tickets guy.

• Some of the guys on our staff think (Ed Hervey) got us (fired). I don’t think that’s what happened. The old man (David Braley) was probably too cheap to fire everyone. He should have kept us and fired (Hervey) and all of his scouts.

• Montreal didn’t have a clue on defence last weekend. They started out playing cover three, which made no sense. When Edmonton was in two-back sets or when they had two tight ends, Montreal looked like they didn’t know how to line up. Khari (Jones) needs to get a new DC with CFL experience.

• Even though the Argos have been in full 2020 mode for over a month, there’s a chance someone will still interview (John) Murphy for a GM job. Montreal wouldn’t be a surprise, as he was primarily behind trading for Vernon Adams. And don’t forget he helped put together the Riders nucleus.

• You’re still talking about this year. We’ve already shifted to next year and our free agents. The same guy (Ed Hervey) who fucked up the quarterback salary scale last year (Mike Reilly’s contract) just fucked up the receiver pay scale. Did you see what he just gave (Lemar) Durant? Are you shitting me? Now our receivers are going to ask for more. All of our Canadians are going to ask for more.

Those are some pretty specific anonymous quotes. The only way the article could narrow down the sources any more would be if it included things like “… as I was saying to my wife Connie at our condo on Main Street last night …”

Wanted : One HC to fix trainwreck. Must know his place, take what he’s given and not ask too many questions. Ask for Marcel.

;D ;D ;D

As with my last week’s posting of anonymous quotes from Penton in the Athletic, I hope they go on through the off season. Great talking points for these boards.

Mark: The “Condell to Ottawa” speculation issue has been covered already in a thread started Nov 4th by Tipper. Kirk Penton’s comment could have been added to it.
Maybe after the Grey Cup, there will be a reason to start a new thread.

Mr. 62,

I humbly apologize for not noticing that on Nov. 4 you sourced a speculation on Condell from the Ottawa Citizen. My only possible defense is that it was my birthday and I was somewhat distracted that day.

Oh, and I was trying to draw attention to Kirk Penton and his penchant for anonymous sources in my post on the Thursday after. I presume that my discovery of Penton’s approach on the 8th (had just subscribed to The Athletic) so enthused me that I neglected to do proper research and go back to Tipper’s thread of 4 days earlier. Unconscionable behaviour for a presumed scholar.

For you to point out my error, my friend, only 6 days after I made it, increases my state of chagrin and does indeed remind me to curb my enthusism for posting.


“Sarcasm??, asks Sheldon. “I think so?, replies Leonard.

Your “humble apology” is accepted. You are entitled to be distracted on your birthday. :wink:

Hi Mark,

Has Penton published any anonymous reactions to the Grey Cup?