Unattributed CFL Quote #1 - CFL doesn't care about its Coaches

Quoted by Kirk Penton in ‘The Athletic’:
Love coaching up here. Love the rules and our players. But with this stupid f’ing cap and no pension, I told my wife we have to leave. It’s sad, but I don’t want to be old and still coaching up here. This league doesn’t give a shit about us. If they did we would have a pension.

Ouch! Rick Campbell? ? ?

But other than the speculation, this is quite sad to hear. We don’t know who it is or the situation but I do agree that at minimum there should be a pension plan.

Apparently WE don’t care about the coaches either. ?

I care about the entertainment value the league gives me for my ticket. It's managements job to care about the coaches.

A lot of people don’t have pensions. You have to … well, save some of your paycheque.

True. But this brings up an interesting side of the game we rarely think about.... partly because we have no info.

Who knows how much CFL coaches...especially assistants...make? We discuss cap implications on players but how does this affect coaching?

Coachihg is an insecure gig. Often in the workplace it's those at the top and at the bottom of income scales who don't have pensions while those in the middle who work for others have pension or worKplace RRSP plans.

And is this a general feeling or an isolated whiner who really just prefers life in the US? Does this feeling really affect the quality and tenure of coaching in our league?

According to Google, a head coach makes between $275,000 and $400,000 per year whereas the dual GM/HC individuals make over $500,000. Even at the exchange rate it’s still between $200,000 and $300,000. Most decent pensions are matching contributions of 7%. I suppose if they could find a good paying job making that, go for it. However, I doubt many of them are hurting for cash and could still comfortably retire at a decent time if they would consult with a financial advisor.

The cap will likely put downward pressure on all coach's salaries, to minimize cap impact if/when fired, and contract term, for same reason ... as a result, CFL may/will lose coaches to situations (NCAA, even some big high schools) that offer greater stability (term and payout) ... coaches will become either less proven or desperate ... or both.

When the CFL becomes so financially successful that it can start making meaningful contributions to pension plans, I vote that it prioritizes player pensions before coaches pensions.

Coaches who actually played the game will still benefit.

I doubt it was Campbell...just based on that he is interviewing

If I had to bet...Chamblin. He has made similar comments in the past.

Mike Kelley likes where you are going with this.

(and yes…I agree)

Could be an assistant as well.

I think in the long run the cap on money will add more security within the coaching staff . Makes quick firing a bit less likely and more vetting more likely.

A pension is easy enough to develop and implement.

Agreed ... but the "rub" is funding it.