Unappreciative Toronto

Lets look at the city of Toronto and how it seems to be Unappreciative to the Argos.

The Argos won 3 Grey cups in the 90s and 2 Grey Cups in the past 10 years.

What have Toronto's other teams given to us?

Go around the Rogers Centre and outside you see nothing but Blue Jays. Mind you Rogers owns the Jays, however, could they not at least give some consideration to the Argos?

When the Bills come to town they close down Front St and try to have some kind tailgate party. What about the Argos? What about the same consideration for them?

The Argos are the oldest professional sports team in North America, what does the city to to embrace that?

We have Blue Jays Way? What about Argonauts Blvd? Don't get me wrong, I love my Blue Jays, but what have they given us in the past 20 years?

What Toronto needs to do, is give the Argos a New Stadium or at the very least refit BMO field and let the Argos play there.

Who cares about the Backlash from TFC fans or ownership. The Argos deserve way more support from the city than some minor league soccer club.

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Many Toronto sports fans consider the CFL to be "bush league" and the players to be second rate. It is THE pre-dominant attitude. Its sad...

Toronto Rock

15 seasons
12 + .500 seasons
9 Division Titles
8 Champions Cup appearances
6 Champions Cup victories
6 Champions Cup MVP's
2 League MVP's
2 Goaltender of the Year

Want to talk about under appreciated, last year leading up to the Grey Cup all the talk was how Toronto hadn't won a championship since 2004 yet the Rock had won 2 since that last Grey Cup win. One of the top teams in the league for attendance too.

when they were referring to that it was specifically football.

No they were talking Toronto sports. They mention the Leafs losing streak, the Jays no winning since '93 and the Raptors never having playoff success...............and stopping. I'll take a Rock game over the No Hit League or Baseball (more boring as a spectator sport than even golf) any day.

I Think it stems from the attitude that T.O. is the center of the universe,and on the seventh day GOD created Toronto,the world does not gravitate around T.O. popular believe seems to be that TOR. has it's own gravitational pull.If it ain't from the good ole U.S.of A it ain't worth it to have it mentality.It makes me laugh to see people drooling over the MAKE ME LAFFS,giving them more support than they ever deserve,when they haven't won diddly poo in 46 years.Never mind the NFL people,never going to happen(can't even sell-out when the crappy Bills play).Be happy with what you got,one of the oldest franchises in North America,a recent Championship and a competitive exciting team.I know,I know its not AMERICAN!!!!.....BUT ITS ALL YA GOT!!!!!!!!SO GO OUT AN SUPPORT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

I get what dcmoses is saying about the Rock and they do deserve the recognition.

However, there is a big difference. The Grey Cup gets national attention, it brings in millions of dollars to its Host City and is celebrated anywhere from a week to two weeks prior to the game. Not to mention it is a ratings bonanza for the TV broadcaster.

The Rock, while a great team, just does not bring that to the table. Again, that comes from Toronto having its nose up in the air.

The biggest joke about Toronto, is those who want the NFL are getting the table scraps from the Bills game once a year and with that they don't even support it. 35,000 attended the Bills Seahawks game.

And Rogers has decreased the capacity to 45,000 for the next series of Bills games.

All that said, Toronto will never, ever get an NFL team. Not going to happen. The Toronto TV market is just too small for the NFL.

The Argos are a first class organization and funny thing of it all; ask anyone, football fan for not; Pinball Clemons is an household name. And he has the respect of all football fans be that NFL or CFL.

But still Toronto thinks the NFL is the be all to end all in football.

The Leafs are a whole different thing. Public support could plummet and the fans protesting in mass in from of the ACC and MLSE wouldn't change a thing. The building is almost entirely season ticket holders and the corporate suites are sold out. The season ticket holders in the upper bowl aren't giving up their seats after the outrageous seating fee they paid when the ACC opened and the platinum and suites are just tax write offs as entertainment expense.

There are more true fans in the seats at an Argos game than at any Leaf game. !5 years in the Belleville area and everyone I know goes to Ottawa for NHL games because it's just as far to go, tickets are cheaper and easier to get. If the Argos don't get themselves out of that mausoleum they play in they will lose more than a few 905 and 613 area code fans to the RedBlacks next year.

Chris rudge had previously mentioned vaughan, mississauga and markham as potential locations for a new argo stadium.
My cousin just informed me there is no transit to markham, but the subway is being extended to square one in mississauga as well as vaughan. No markham.
That should rule markham out, IMO.

Could be a issue for Toronto FC as well if Ottawa has a good soccer team wins a good amount of games maybe wins the Canadian Championships you could see some fans become Ottawa Fury supporters.

I live in Trenton and it takes just under 2 hours to get to downtown Toronto and only an extra 15-20 minutes to get to the Corel (or whatever it is this week) Centre or Lansdowne Park. It's the main reason Ottawa has more Leaf fans than Sens fans at games between the two in Ottawa. Cheaper, easier to get tickets and just as easy to get to for anyone east of Durham region. I'll never go to another game at Skydump, but I would go to Ottawa for a CFL game even if I had to pay a little more for tickets.