un, deux, trois, quatre loss in a row!

what the heck is 3ND?

I know 2ND
I know 3RD

but I dont know 3ND???

3nd: Thridandten, a poster on here, one of the original members of the old forum.

3rd, not 3nd.....

dang, not again!

unless KK's doing his English/Français mix again and calling him 3rd 'n dix.

WELL DONE! I couldn't resist 'poking the bear with a stick' once the Als started their downward spiral. Unfortunately it looks like the Esks will be all alone in the western basement, but no matter what the Als will still probably finish ahead of the Tiger-Cats.

For everyone else out there, it is I, saskesksfan. I do admit I look funny (thanks for not saying freaking ugly).

I'm glad the charade is over because I was totally creeped out by the thought that my alter ego was turning Kanga-Kucha on.

Trust me, dude. Anything that would turn KK on would creep anyone out, but not before they "exercised their inards to the fullest extent." :lol: