un, deux, trois, quatre loss in a row!

Oh, mon dieux!

How em-BARE-asssed third et dix must be! Good thing he had a few beer before the slaw-TER, otherwise he would really be ang-REE, no?

The poor all-OO-ette find any they can to self destruct, no?

Ah, well to-MORE-oh is a-NUDDER day, no? Per'aps dey can find a team of canasta playing old ladies to beat, eh?.....Oh-oh....'Dey play the LYE-ons next again! I smell cinq loss in a row!

With much love, Dora.

hey now, no need to start swearing

I feel that song coming on again, rw05 & jm...

sing "The internet is for trolls. The internet is for trolls. Spewing garbage from their holes. Internet is for trolls." /sing

No doubt.

This "dora" obviously has a chip on "her" shoulder.

Great Post Dora!

....dora.. you're quite intuitive as well as a great linguist...i understood everything you tried to parlay to us...now i wonder if the 'DON' does....i have never seen a Mathews team look so uninspired....methinks there will be some changes coming to the Als...nfl cuts are around the cornor....sacre bleu.....mon ami... :roll:

I didn't know you could speak french papzoola...ever think of running for Prime minister...lol

…NOPE no PM job for this cat…I think i spent too much time in St. Boniface with a few pals hank…who i might add ,still pull for the ALS…traitors…but after we catch them for first place …maybe they will come around… :rockin:


I like Dora.

funny. I didnt even see this as a troll post. I think sometimes people are too quick with that label.

Good old-fashioned funnin’ around…I see no troll here either…

I had fun alright, Dora. Thanks for caring. But I mostly had fun because I met that funny looking guy in the stands...

Doesn't he look weird and funny?... :stuck_out_tongue:

the guy on the left looks french

ok, for all the new posters on here, the one of the right is 3nd, and the one on the left, I think, is Martymix, wait wait, this is in Edmonton, so I'm very likly wrong.

3nd, are you gonna be in WPG in novermeber? Let's go to a bar togerther!

Half right, KK, but only half.....

Why do I sense a huge fight occurring in any bar that KK steps into; especially if he starts talking about "you know what?"

then who is the other guy? Eskimos32001? RW2k5? it's not Rednadwhite, I know that for a fact.

I never bring it up, and if somebody does, I unsally say "we all know where we stand on this, what goes on on the CFL/ca network forum, stays there, just talk about something else"

Judging by the pic, it was taken during Third's visit to Edmonton; so it has to be someone who ran into him at Commonwealth.

What a right click tells you, eh jm02? :wink:

lol - I'm sure it would tell a lot, but I remembered that picture from your cross-country voyage last season.....and it was easier to place the face for me, since I could see where dora posted from.....