Ummmm... BC vs Edmonton Thread?

BC hasn’t shown up. I’m wondering if they want to go through the East.

20 - 3 Eskimoes at the half.

I love that Elimimian's record-tying tackle is him getting run over by Reilly. :lol:

That was a beauty, wasn't it!

Now that Elimimian has broken the record, can we please shut up about it? Most overrated record. There's a tackle on every single play unless it's a scoring play.

(Even some tackles there? Question.... are they recorded?)

Now back to my question. Is BC trying?

If he were on your Eskie team you wouldn't be saying that, now would ya Chief? :stuck_out_tongue:

Gasp! Chief is entirely cerebral about these things. What a dastardly suggestion! :slight_smile:

PS - I think he's right.

Haven't seen the Eskimos play this well for a while.

No. I couldn't give a crap about Sherritt's 130 tackles. But I will say this: Elimimian may have broken Sherritt's record tonight, but Sherritt's having a significantly bigger impact on the game. What is that, 3 sacks and a forced fumble tonight?

Not for a MLB he ain't :cowboy:

Beauty catch for Bowman!

I think I've just been asked to step outside the saloon. Gulp....

Bowman has to be the streakiest player. Drops easy passes, but then catches a long bomb like Reilly just reached out and handed it to him.

Not a bad comeback Mark - Chief is overrated :rockin:

It's a blow out - 37-3 Edmonton lead

I think the Esk-Lions East Semi is pretty much locked. So are the Eskimos sending a message? 37 points on a D that was averaging, what, 18 a game?

Fixed it for ya.
That remains to be determined :slight_smile:

I was trying to figure out whether Chief was making some kind of deep comment about the crossover. And here you tell me that instead of genius I couldn't appreciate that it was a mistake (!) on his part?

Chief.... say it isn't so!

Good catch. Damn Keith's. :oops: :lol:

If one can't get it right, then one does not make the Hall of Fame!
Cheers Chief...37-3 Edmonton final