Ummm hellooo it's a playoff game!!!! Sell IWS out Hamilton

I'm puzzled, why is the playoff game not sold out yet?
I mean really?


Okay :roll: we have a team who's got momentum, playing solid football, we have great weather
predicted on Sunday and it's the first playoff game in nine years.
There really is no reason that the game should not be sold out already, None.

I know times are tough, but it's not like the fans are being asked to do this every month.
It's the first post season game in Hamilton in NINE YEARS!


I reflect back on my post about the negative culture that tends to surface here
on the message boards and on the 5th Quarter. People seem sooo
ready to find out and point what's wrong, when something good is happening and they have
chance to experience something good they don't take advantage of it.


What the clincher is,if the Cats loose the boards will be more busy with "see I told
ya so's" then if we win.

Like I said for the glass to be half empty is has to be half full, let's have a sip out
of that mythical glass and celebrate a first time in nine year football game, celebrate
the good parts of being a Hamiltonian and celebrate our great game of football!

Yes, it's time for all of you on the fence to get off of it and come down to
Ivor Wynne Stadium and let out some of that negative energy by yelling
at the BC Lions Offence and projecting positive vibes on our Defence and
Offence when they score a touchdown! Buy a ticket or 10 and let's
do football Hamilton style!!!


That's my two cents, what's your take?
See you in Lot J at 8:00 am! :cowboy:
See ya at the game!

The Ticats office basically can't keep up. Selling 24,000 tickets in 5 days is amazing. 2-3 thousand more today and there won't be many left

IMO you are moaning about nothing


This game is a for sure sell out now. Probably by the end of today. Selling out a game in six days is a good thing!! What else do you expect. The fans in this city have stepped up :thup:

I stand corrected....I love it when I'm wronge.
You have a great point AKT, 24000 is awesome.
Selling out in 6 days is impressive in the tough time loyalticat fan.
You're totally right the Cat fans have stepped up.

Here I'm bitching about negative people and I'm not seeing the
glass half full myself. :oops:

I am really surprised it hasn't sold out yet, and don't get me wronge
the fact that it's close to selling out today is awesome!!!

Thanks everyone for pointing me back to the half full part of the glass.
I love the positive attitudes! :thup:

It's not 24K in 6 days though.

We have about 15K season ticket holders and lets say 10k got tix for the game. We had the opportunity to preorder them at the beginning of October and they actually sent them out to us last week. I got mine last Friday.

So that 12K figure on Monday is a complete fabrication. At the most it is 2-3K. So that means that there were 8-10K people who preordered their playoff tix before the game last Sunday.

It all depends upon how you look at things, how you see things, how you interpret things.

That glass that's half full, it's only half full- is that optimism now tempered into pessimism?
That glass that's half empty, it's only half empty. And pessimism now is becoming optimism.

I would have liked to see IWS sell out by now, or sooner, but.........
I fully expect we will be sold out, or pretty darn close, by kick-off tomorrow. And it will certainly be the loudest crowd here in sometime.

They still had to process all of the pre-orders as well as the 10,000 plus new orders. No simple feat


East Final 1998 at IWS

25, 739.

The 1992 east semi against Ottawa only drew about 18,500.

Just picked up my tickets this morning at the Ticat office. Others were buying their tickets. Still lots of good tickets left for the game. But a couple ahead of us were humming and hawing about seats and when they finally decided to go for a particular pair, they were gone. Sold on line before their eyes. So if you are thinking about waiting you might NOT want to wait too long.
Go Cats Go :rockin:

Great points everyone.

And yes it is all relative. I just hope they fans get there relative tushes out to the
It's the experience that keeps you coming back and the football the Cats have been playing of
late makes for a great experience.

Go CATS! :cowboy:

'99 East semi vs. Tor. was barely 20,000 IIRC

Sun. will be one the biggest if not the biggest crowd for a playoff game in a generation.

Need the Mighty one to look up numbers for 81, 85, 86, 89 finals.

I just wish the TiCats had bought the game from the CFL. They could have made a killing. It sure would have helped their bottom line.

If they make the playoffs next year it might not have the same buzz.

Go TiCats Go. God Bless Bob Young!

It's sad a city of 500,000 can't sell out a 30,000 seat stadium for a playoff game. 0.06% of the city's population would be a sell out. Clearly Hamilton is not a great football town.

Over 24k in 6 days, in these economic times is not bad at all Jare. There is alot of people feeling the pinch. And Christmas is coming up fast. Out of the 23 people that came out with me on Canada Day only 7 are able to come out this time. 4 have been laid off, 3 have had their hours cut and 4 more are supporting partners that have either lost their jobs or have lost hours as well. I think we're doing as well as can be hoped under the circumstances.

30000/500000 is 0.06, which is 6%. You forgot to multiply by 100. Even at 25000 tickets sold, that's 1 ticket for every 20 citizens in less than a week. Not bad in my estimation.

Counting tickets sold / population is misleading, though, because there is a fair number of out of towners coming in for the game.

Whoopsie. Thanks for the catch. 6% of the population is nothing to brag about though. Of course many of those in attendance are from outside city limits which drops that number.

Well said BigPolish,I lost my job but being single and not have to worry about a family gives me the opportunity to go to the game not all people are in the same boat

Yeah, think of all the guys/gals at US Steel that have only been back at work for a few months (if back yet at all) -- hard to convince them to drop $100-$200 they might really need down the line, Xmas and all coming up.

Think about the guys and girls EVERYWHERE not just at US steel lot's of folks have had some hard times but that's all going to somehow be forgotten for a day Sunday when we experience something very special and Emotional in that Football stadium .