Umm where's the store?

I was at the Centre Mall today and noticed that the Ticat store there is closed down. All of the merchandise and such was gone. Have the stores moved? What's the status of the Jackson Square location?

They had there big blowout sale last week. i think they are done until next season.

jackson square i think is still open as i bought a jersey last week and they told if it didnt fit i could bring back to exchange it after jan 2

Jackson Sq is also CLOSED. It has a sign on the door: For all your TiCat Needs goto Center Mall

Whats going on Drew?


My mother went to renew our 3 sets of season tickets today, only to find the Centre Mall store completely empty, save for one lonely jacket. They may have had a seson ending sale but, the store looks like it has been cleared out and abandoned.

If the store is closed for the season, or for good as long-time season ticket holders, it was most disappointing that a message wasn’t sent out that we couldn’t renew at the Centre mall location.

Hopefully this is a small oversight but it looks to us like the Roarrr store is gone for good from the Centre Mall.

I also went to the Centre Mall with cash for my season tickets. They're definitely packed up and gone. And now I hear the Jackson SQ store is also closed?

What going on?

Ticats Stores Update

Well that really stinks. The Jackson Sq.location was so convenient for me. Purchasing tickes and stuff was so easy for me. Making the trek to Centre/Limeridge doesn't make me very happy

Ticats fans can renew their 2007 season tickets at the administrative office at 393 Main St East on the second floor of the CAA building starting Tuesday, January 2nd. The office will be open from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

I was at the Bulldogs game tonight, and they (Sports Obsession) had alot of ticat stuff there on sale for 75% Off. :roll:

Nothing like making it easy for us fans to renew our tickets. Hope the "new" store is up and running before the Feb. 3rd renewal deadline. (I cant get to the Main Street East office during business hours.)

I look forward to fresh flower arrangements in the new store, as well as cold beer...

Lets hope 2007 brings us less winy people to the site. I'm so tired of hearing people ask redundent questions.
How do some of you function :roll: ?
The Cats have had this info up for quite a while on the site and if it was really concerning you'd pick up the phone and contact the Head office instead of huddling next to your computers.


Lets hope 2007 brings us fewer apologists who refuse to acknowledge that there are poor performances by players coaches front office staff as well as good performances. The whining is tiresome but no less so than the idiocy of defending the indefensible

We were taken by surprise that the Ticat Stores were pulled by their manangement. The Business Office is open this week and will be open on Saturday from 10am - 2pm. The Centre Mall location should be up and running in the near future.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

Joe Gallagher
905-547-2287 ext 251


Our Business Office Address:

CAA Building
393 Main St East. 2nd Floor
Hamilton, ON
L8N 1J7

Yikes! If this was a Sport Obsession thing then let's crack open the archives of the old site. There was plenty of good information in there from several posters about that operation.

There's a rumour in the Stickies that the Cats no longer have a business relationship with Sports Obsession.

If this is true, then here's a big "THANK YOU" and "WE TOLD YOU SO" from all the posters on this site that provided the Cats with our opinion on this arrangement about 3 years ago.

What a mess this whole thing is. You can only spin the roulette wheel so many times, the thing will eventually spin right off.

Next up, SO dumped by the Bulldogs. I can only hope. Love the new jerseys but I won't spend a nickel with them

:rockin: We're not worthy! :rockin:

You're right on Turbo