Umm Excuse me ? TSN

Am i the only one that has noticed that TSN AND TSN2 are now NOT SHOWING PRE-SEASON !!!?????

I posted it/wrote about it May 25,2013 on CFL Forum.


That's disappointing. Guess I'll have to head up to Montreal to see the Cats/Als pre-season game on the 13th.

Got a room for rent Richard?

I do have a room,but 2 hours drive from Montreal.


Seems odd for sure. No idea.

Their probably showing darts on those nights. :wink:

Laurentians? Eastern townships? That's all good for me especially in the summer. Some of the most beautiful parts of Canada!

Back to the original post, it's quite disappointing that TSN is dropping pre-season CFL in lieu of NBA or what have you. In all seriousness, I think the league needs to address this with respect to the new tv contract. In my opinion, no one goes to TSN exclusively for the NBA. But they do for the CFL. Basketball fans can get the games they want to see on other channels. Besides, the NBA finals are broadcast on mainstream cable are they not?

I see the TSN & CFL arrangement more as a partnership whereas I see TSN just paying to rebroadcast the NBA. TSN should really think hard about what builds their brand and entrenches their market position. It's not the NBA. It's their exclusive agreement with the cfl.

There would only be one reason why they aren't showing pre-season and that would be "ratings". Obviously the ratings from last years pre-season were low. The hard-core dedicated fans would watch televised pre-season games but not the casual fans. It's like attendance at pre-season games, the hard core fans show up.
Just look at Toronto, after 2 years in a row of pre-season crowds of 10k or so they bussed in school kids to try to fill the seats.
Pre-season is a hard sell in any sport.

This, copied from their "CFL on TSN Schedule," shows they are doing both Edmonton pre-season games. But, that's all.

Date Teams ET/PT Live
Fri Jun 14 Saskatchewan at Edmonton 9pm/6pm TSN2
Fri June 21 Edmonton at B.C. 10pm/7pm TSN

Those late evening games for the east, will really help the ratings. :roll:

Not sure if this is accurate or not because doesn't show this, but the Ticats' game in Montreal on the 13th is supposedly on RDS:

You have to bump the time forward to 19h00. Couldn't find a way to link directly to that time.

I checked TSN a few weeks ago and they had all the preseason games listed. It sucks that they have changed it, I was really looking forward to watching.

I enjoyed watching the preseason games last year on TSN. It helped get me ready for the regular season, getting to know the new players and to see how the new Tiger cats looked too.Too bad they're not showing them.

I guess there weren't enough eyeballs tuning in.

When TSN signed on to be the TV provider of the CFL they got the rights to broadcast pre-season along with regular season games and in the past I like many other fans enjoyed watching especially out of town games? But now I guess they have taken the attitude not to broadcast for whatever reason pre-season games, it's only two games per team but I agree, it promotes the game, the CFL and gets the fans ready to watch the regular season on TSN and get excited about the new players.

It's typically a decision made by someone at the broadcaster with little or No experience or attachment to the game as I have seen before, a number cruncher trying to save rating dollars and spend it something unique like darts or water bowling??

Whatever happened to supporting and promoting Canadian and our Great CFL Game. TSN could easily have made the pre-season a unique and fun experience for all fans to get in the game and have an open dialogue about the upcoming season for each team instead the CFL gets bumped for something more exciting in TSN 's mind like having Chris Schults describe the action on the Lawn Dart competition??

That's totally not true.
Last years pre season ratings were very strong.

What do you base this statement on?

IIRC the ratings for the CFL games was tweeted by someone at TSN and they were as good as or better than the NBA play-off ratings.

Don't know how good this source is, but:

The Hamilton Vs Montreal Preseason game will still be shown on RDS for those interested. You can even sync up 900chml at the same time for an even better experience.

They could have a live stream of the pre-season games on the Ticats website, they did that last year for an Edmonton game I think