Umbrellas what??

cant believe they allow full sized umbrellas in stadiums.

Man it would piss me off if someone beside me or in front of me opened one up.

All they got to do is wear more appropriate clothing


They are suppose to be banned .

I almost got one in the eye one game .

Very dangerous in windy conditions and terrible if your sitting behind them for viewing .

Where did you see someone with an Umbrella? I can't imagine any stadium allowing it. It would obstruct the view of at least 2-3 people.

It should be lawful in that situation to take their umbrella, and stick it where the sun don't shine.

on tv at a couple of games where it rained including last nights cal ott game.

Honestly so many fans run for the exits, that the people who stay have more than enough room to use an umbrella.

In Ottawa it was allowed even though it's not .

We watched security let people thru with them last year .

They are a hazard with the wind .

Most places don't allow it for safety reasons and it obstructs the view of the people behind .

However In Calgary there is SO much room at a rainy game everyone can take an umbrella and likely have their own row. We had loads of room, no umbrellas around us blocked anyone's view.