Umbrellas at games?

Are we allowed to take in the small, fold up umbrella's into the stadium? Does anyone know for sure...could very well rain tomorrow night. :cowboy:

pretty sure you can bring in personal sized umbrellas not golf or beach umbellas

they should be banned!! wear a rain jacket and a rain hat!!!

1tccat appears to be correct (so long as the user of the personal size travel umbrella doesn't block the view of other patrons or redirect rain water onto them):

if anything, ill wear the poncho i got on the maid of the mist. Don't wanna obstruct anyone's view.

I know in Montreal you cannot use umbrellas head down to the dollar store they sell those cheap rain ponchos worked for me 8)

Whatever happened to good old green garbage bags? :lol:

They work in a pinch and are easy to carry in your pocket.

My son almost lost an eye last year ............NO UMBRELLAS! I SEE ONE IN FRONT OF ME I WILL THROW IT ON THE FIELD:lol: THEY SHOULD BE OUTLAWED :cowboy:

Just to let all you know that if you are really cheap then just bring a garbage beg they work great

I hate umbrellas at sports games, to me even those personal ones should be banned. Just bring a garbage bag!


Umbrellas are the bane of wet weather society.
I hate those things almost everywhere, but most of all at sporting events. They are intrusive and dangerous and should be banned around the world.


hey if they aren't bothering anyone who cares .. i dont care if you wanna walk around like a drowned rat
but hey it rains i'll use one nothing wrong with tem they don't deminish your manliness

The problem with umbrellas is that most people that use them have no consideration at all for people around them. Almost every time i'm around people with umbrellas I end up getting poked with those pointy parts on the edge.

As long as it doesn't effect someone's view or personal space then I see no problem with them. The true problem is that most people become me me me monsters in public and don't care how they effect others.

IF you are going to use an umbrella, and if we have lightning, the metal tips and the metal ribs on the umbrellas can act like lightning rods. So if you are going to use an umbrella, thank you for providing some Canada Day fireworks in the stands.If everybody who takes an umbrella goes to the top row, stands up and holds the umbrellas high, could be real "Ring of Fire".

Please no umbrellas, I guarantee you won't melt in the rain; anything from a large garbage bag to a Ticat to a designer poncho will keep you nice and dry.

Have you EVER heard of someone getting zapped in the stands because of an umbrella?

I think he had his "tongue in cheek" even though he didn't use any "lol's".

Yup. If you are holding an umbrella and you are hit by lightning, you probably would have been hit by it any way. The ability of a tiny piece of metal to influence a lightning bolt forming some 10-50,000 feet above is infinitesmal. So if there is lightning walking about, waving an umbrella won't make any difference, just don't go out in the storm. My concern is that someone with an umbrella is thinking too much about their convenience of not getting wet while inconveniencing those behind who can't see because their view is obstructed. And the small risk of "poking somebody's eye out".

   But all the umbrella-holders, top row, holding their umbrellas high and waving them --might be a neat experiment, something along the lines of "Mythbusters".


Hi Everyone,

Just to be clear on the umbrella policy for tonight's game, personal umbrellas ARE ALLOWED at the game tonight but golf umbrellas or any other large umbrellas ARE NOT ALLOWED at Ivor Wynne Stadium. If you need more clarification on this policy, please call our Customer Service Team at 905-547-CATS (2287).

Alex Campbell
Coordinator, Marketing
Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

Bring a garbage bag. The best make-shift rain poncho's ever!!