Um... what's the deal, Cards?

So I noticed Arizona was struggling to beat St. Louis, so I clicked on the boxscore, and I noticed it said D. Anderson under QB, and I thought, please tell me that's not Derek Anderson, formerly of the Cleveland Browns. It is.

What is Arizona thinking? I saw a headline the other day about them releasing Leinart. Why would they release him if all they have is Derek Anderson? That boggles my mind!

Needless to say, Arizona's gonna suck this season.

Yes that's the same guy alright obviously you did not catch my posts about the hyped bust Matt Leinart in NFL Hype And NFL Prototype. Too much of Summer?

Well hey they won with Anderson not throwing interceptions plus solid defence despite four lost fumbles out of seven total! You can't put that ugly in the win on Anderson though his completion percentage was below average!
Stats and highlights: ... ab:analyze

But hey they won and our Colts, complete with Manning's great game, did not! :frowning:

By far the NFC West is the worst overall division in the league such that it is really hard to predict a winner in it.

My pick to win the division was the 49ers and man did they suck it up in Seattle!

guess they were hoping to get warner back.

They beat St. Louis 17-13. I wouldn't be patting myself on the back for that win...

Pick a team to win that division Chief! If based on just yesterday the best team is ...Seattle? :o :?

You get the idea ...a win in that awful division is worth so much more to each team because one of them HAS to make the playoffs. :roll:

Yes, Arizona is fortunate to play in such a weak division.

On the subject of bad QBs, I was surprised to see Rex Grossman in a Redskins uniform last night. Why would Washington waste the money on him...? I thought for sure he'd be out of the league by now... :expressionless:

The same reason, as cited in the article in "roster math" by Gil Brandt,


that the Redskins had another subpar draft and subpar undrafted free agent period and remain without any reliable receivers other than Moss or Cooley. One injury to either of those and they are toast, as they already are on thin ice on offense though had the defence and Dallas' self-destruction carry them through last night.

Those Redskins are a team near the top of the NFL list with quite the legacy of bad drafts and bad signings, even of good players and coaches being rotated through to succeed on a greater basis somewhere else, which lingers still this next year beyond the overdue sacking of GM Vinnie Cerrato who was owner Dan "Dicknoggin" Snyder's right-hand crony in that town of government stiffs for far too long. :roll:

(for those who wonder why I am so crass with regard to any matter involving the Redskins, note I had to live around those idiots for 7.5 years total too so I know how it is on the ground there!)

The Chief Lord and others, more on the SUCK at QB in Arizona here. One more benching as is looming and Anderson's about done for good I say:

[url=] ... spite.html[/url]

I'm so shocked that Arizona was destroyed by Atlanta. Who saw that one coming? :lol: This is what happens when Anderson is your starter. He had one fluke year in Cleveland, and that was it.


This is how mismanaged that team is letting Stevie Baggs go, but so much the better for him now I say and the CFL.

Also, they are now having an undrafted rookie free agent start as soon as Derek Anderson sucks again all after overhyped Matt Leinart crapped out for good.

I laughed at the Cards calling back Baggs. Idiots... :roll:

Personally, I'll be pulling for the 49ers to take that division.

You and everyone else including me picked the 49ers, and even though they are now 0-4 including two heartbreaking losses, they still have a chance in that division as is and has been for a long time the worst in the NFL check out the Cardinals who will start an undrafted rookie free agent in Max Hall at some point:

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[url=] ... erson.html[/url] [url=] ... h-anderson[/url] [url=] ... ion-issues[/url]

Two articles on the Cards' spread offence here and another one on the spread offence that is now with Jake Cutler via Mike Martz and the Chicago Bears.

These are the only two teams of which I am aware that use spread sets regularly in the NFL, unlike some of the WAC and Big 12 teams in the NCAA and most teams in the CFL, though Indianapolis uses the spread set when they spread out their tight end Dallas Clark and have their RB make a quick pass block and then go in the flat for Manning's failsafe option out of that set.

It's a rare quarterback such as Kurt Warner or Peyton Manning (or Dan Marino or Warren Moon of yesteryear) who can excel in such sets with the jury well out on Jake Cutler given the Bears' absolutely dreadful offencive line.

With Leinart and now Derek Anderson not up to the task in Arizona, I guess this is why Coach Ken Whisenhunt is looking to roll the dice on undrafted free agent rookie Max Hall who showcased his skills with the offence at his alma mater BYU.

[url=] ... 82881.html[/url]

Good column here, written by a regular disgusted fan of the Arizona Cardinals before last night's apparently awful game, with some excellent research into the matter of finding the elusive franchise QB ...

Now they are starting 5th-round pick John Skelton, who could not even beat out undrafted free agent Max Hall until Hall was injured on Sunday ...basically it's time to see what they have and position for the next draft likely not in the spring ...depending on how you view this organisation they are due either a triple flush or house cleaning ...

I feel badly most for otherwise All-Pro Larry Fitzgerald who has been stuck with these guys after the success two years running with Kurt Warner who was thought to be washed up as late as August 2008!

Budding umour has it that this team is the lead candidate for Donovan McNabb next year ...he lives in Phoenix anyway, and with the West Coast offensive experience in Philadelphia, the spread offence they run in Arizona is made for him and other older QBs who still have a gun for an arm.

I thought Wash signed McNabb to an extension...

But the Redskins have an "out" on the contract. It looks like McNabb will likely be with a different team next year.

Arizona would definitely be an option, I could see Minnesota being a possibility as well. He'll sign with which ever team gives him the best opportunity to win a Super Bowl.

[url=] ... 011-a.html[/url]

I’d say this report squashes the budding rumours about McNabb going to Arizona in favour of others noted.

And yes right Jordan after all the hype about that contract for McNabb during the day before their Monday Night game, which was used as excellent PR by the Redskins, the next day we all heard about the easy-out. I doubt all this business about McNabb staying there as a backup will come to fruition too.

[url=] ... to-arizona[/url]

Kyle Orton to Arizona indeed would be the best of all worlds to both parties.

Orton is somewhat solid in an NFL spread offense, as is run now in only Arizona and Houston, other than in Denver last season where it failed for the most part.

The offence as run by Orton in Denver failed for the most part due to coaching in my opinion.

The spread offense won't be run any more with Tebow over there as Denver will add more of a legitimate running game too. I have no idea whom they will add for a better backfield in the off-season.

Note that receiver Brandon Lloyd in Denver IMHO was the best receiver in the league last season with the stats to more than back up that claim.