Um... what the hell is this?

Black and Forde keeping saying Toronto and Hamilton only meet 3 times. That didn't sound right to me because they still have the LDC games.

But I just looked at the schedule, and apparently they aren't doing the re-match this year? What the hell is that? I want the re-match. Why are they messing with the LD games...? :x

They are playing each other Monday Sept 1st...AKA Labour day

Yes, but they're not doing the re-match, which is what I was complaining about. How can you scrap the Toronto/Hamilton re-match? :o

Oh....after Labour day!

Actually it was the Argo’s ownership group that approached the CFL head office about scrapping the Labour Day rematch because it their eyes the rivalry wasn’t much of one because the Argo’s always won.

  • paul

Hmm. Wonder if they still feel that way...

As long as they keep WPG and SSK im good.

The Toronto/Hamilton rematch was hardly a tradition, anyway. Back in the old days -- like the 50s and 60s -- they used to do it, but in the past 30 years or so, they've only done it a few times.

I'm sure right now the Argos are glad they only play Hamilton three times...frankly, I'd be happy if we played them every week. :lol:

The Riders did play someone other then Winnipeg on Labour Day, I think it was the Alouettes, I believe sometime in the early 80's.

So that's why the Al's folded and the Riders were mired in an awful stretch... things makes sense now.