Ullrich Story In the Province

A great story in the Province this morning which looked at the Leos offence, compared the offence last year for the first four games under a very inexperienced Printers with the first four games under Dickenson this year, and finally examined Chapdelaine's role in the offence.

Interesting quotes included Simon (we're not a ball control offence) and Chapdelaine (you carry a big red flag on yourself)

Ullrich uncovered the Leos were more proficient and had longer drives under Printers last year.

Chapdelaine argues that teams are zoning the Leos more this year. The fact is that teams struggled against Printers because when they zoned him he bought time with his legs to get his recievers open against zones. When they blitzed him and he escaped he killed opposition teams in man to man.

Opposition teams struggled and had to devise special defences because of his running ability and often had to put one guy on him as a "spy" to try to prevent him from running, therefore creating more openings for his recievers.

Teams zone blitz Dickenson because he is less mobile. It provides him less time to throw, prevents the deep ball, and he'll take the sack to avoid the interception. He also hasn't been proficient at finding his safety valve.

Printers creates a whole new set of problems for defences, who really aren't sure what to do, at times, because of his running ability and his scrambling ability to find time for his recievers.

Ullrich is doing a great job of covering football for the Province...his article this morning is an example of excellent research and a really good sense of what's going on.

........well then Buono better crack open the bank for Casey then because being 4-0 really isn't anything to hoot about........while this reporter's reaseach and analysis sounds interesting I'm not sure what purpose it serves.......maybe if DD was struggling this comparison would be warranted, but a team that is 4-0 shouldn't be navel-gazing........

We don't agree Red and White but thanks for writing. A team needs to navel gaze, especially when its winning, in order to get better. While winning is the bottom line its been the Leos defence and special teams, not the offence, which has played the key role in winning games this year. It's still early in the season but the Leos offence needs to get better if we want to be in the Grey Cup in Vancouver this year. The Leos are only fourth in offence, their running game needs improvement (better against Hamilton), our quarterback has taken too many sacks and hits, and we've had only had two long drives in the first four games. It bears analysis as well as the comparison between the Printers/Burratto period and the Dickenson/Chapdelaine present time.

The purpose of Ulrich's article was to shed some additional light on the Leos offence and quarterback situation. With the spotlight shining on Chapdelaine it may add a little pressure for him to make some minor changes to the offence which could pay big dividends.

Great post Blitz... you really seem to know your footbal!!!!

I haven't yet seen Ullrich's article but will look at it. You are spot on on Printers and how teams have to defense him due to his ability to run.

I 'd sure like to know what was going on last year with the Buratto - Chapdelaine conflict where Buono said that only one guy was not on the same page as the rest and that was Steve. I questioned whether Chapdelaine - the king of cliches - wasn't calling the shots most of the time anyway even before that change at the end where Burratto went upstairs.

Thanks for the compliment....I really love football because its a thinking man's game and its fun to discuss strategy. I'm happy with the Leos wins, the defence, and the improving speical teams.

It's obvious you really know your football too Football 16 and follow the Lions closely. One of the reasons for the conflict was Burratto wanting to go with Printers in the Grey Cup but don't doubt that the offence was Burratto's design with imput from the other coaches. Play calling was another issue...between the two. However, make no mistake that it was Burratto who deserves most of the credit for last years offence and he called the shots for most of the year to lead the leagues best offence.

Wally's comment about Chapdelaine not getting enough credit was mainly Wally preparing the way for Chapdelaine to take over. Chapdelaine is Buono's boy, he wanted to be offensive coordinator, and the push was on.

I'm not down on Chapdelaine. It's just that Burratto was a proven, successful coordinator who had head coaching experience, coaching on both sides of the ball as an offensive and defensive coordinator, and had even coached the offensive line. He was a proven quantity and had shown his loyalty. However, he was a leftover from the old coaching staff and an outsider to the main three of Wally, Durazio, and Chapdelaine. Anyway Burratto is gone and we have to move on.

Chapdelaine has not proven himself as an offensive coordinator. He was unsuccessful in Calgary and in his first year as the Leos offensive coordinator the first four games have been uninspriring, especially with uthe outstanding talent he has on the offensive side of the ball. He has one of the most intelligent and experienced quarterbacks in the league in Dickenson, a quality running back in Warren, and the recieving corps of Simon, Claremont, Thelwell, Jackson, Simmons, and Myers is by far the most skilled. The offensive line has had its share of abuse and yet its also an offensive line with tons of athleticism, ability, and size.

It's up to Chapdelaine to put it together. The onus is on him and he needs to produce. I realize that the standard is high but the Leos upgraded themselves on offence this year and the expectations should be high, based upon last year's outstanding offensive production and the players they've added to the mix this year. I want to see us in the Grey Cup again this year and win it!!

.........I stand corrected Blitz, great counterpoint...........I haven't had a chance to really follow the Lions O this year so your observations are interesting to say the least........good game Friday!........

Blitz... your perspective is very good on the coaches and the offensive play calling for the first part of this season. Yes, to me the jury is out on Chapdelaine as O co-ordinator as we have struggled at times with getting some rhythm to the O play and when we run vs pass. Also, the mix of running plays needs to be varied including a bit of Lyle Green in the mix as pointed out on here somewhere.

The screens last game vs Calgary were highly successful and stood out for me.

I always have had respect for Steve Buratto and you are right, he was likely a holdover from the old regime anyway.

I know that it is impossible to work with guys with differing philosophies and about a year ago quit my last coaching role because of a conflict in philosophies between the head coach for the club and me as the feeder team coach. The issue was simple: I had a philosophy and how the game should be played (soccer) and the other guy didn't. It is easy to see that you have to same the kind of philosophy to work together. In my situation, I wanted a short passing and ball control team and with the other guy every play and situation was a new, random experience. From my football playing background, I brought a sense of organization and style to the teams I coached and want things done a certain way. My idea is to make variations on the theme, not throw out the play book when it doesn't work a time or two. The head coach did this one week and if it didn't work it got abandoned which frustated the sh.t out of me. Long way of saying it is best to have coaching teams of the same mind.

The screens last game vs Calgary were highly successful and stood out for me.
Thanks for your post Football 16....I read it with great interest. Like you I was most impressed with the screens and dumps to Warren in the last game which really hurt the Calgary blitz. I was really pleased to see the Leos use the screen, hitch screen, and dump game...as you're aware I was begging them to incorporate this into their offence before the Calgary game. Warren was named offensive player of the week and was properly utilized.

I have nothing against Chapdelaine and was impressed, that finally, in the Calgary game, he made the offensive adjustements necessary to hurt the blitz and the kind of play calling which utilized Dickenson’s strengths. In the first four games the Leos offence struggled at times because there were few screens, hitch screens, flat passes, or effective play action because the Lions hadn’t established a running game. Those first four games had Dickenson with a lot of straight drop back or naked bootlegs with had him taking a lot of punishement.

That changed in the Calgary game and I hope the offensive game plan brings the same kind of variety in play calling against Edmonton. With regard to my comments re: Burratto I just felt that he had a lot of experience and Chapdelaine was unproven. However, the decisions have been made and I’m glad that Burratto is working as an offensive coordinator where he is wanted and Chapdelaine, who wanted the offensive coordiantor job with B.C. is getting the opportunity to prove himself. I hope it works out for both men. Your comment that it is best to have coaches be of the same mind is important in order to have an effective coaching ‘team’

I’m disappointed that Simmons was hurt in the Calgary game…he’s an experienced reciever with speed and strength. I’m glad it looks like he will be ok in the future once he heals. Myers will start tonight. He’s smaller but he’s also a burner who runs great routes and had a great training camp. I’m hoping he won’t be ignored, like his first two games, and we get a chance to see what he can do.

The only change that the Leos need to improve upon offensively, based upon the previous game, is their goal line offence. Warren and the line has struggled in this area as teams key on the Leos running back. I think they should utilize Green more in this situation or change their strategy and go off tackle or outside a little more at the goal line…Warren is not a power back who can just drive it up inside in this situation.

Hope you enjoy the game tonight!!