Uhmm.. *cough cough* Go Winnipeg!? *cough cough*

ArgosSuck currently trail 3-0 and Ray was just picked off

And Hall gives it right back, first pass afterwards!

LOL. .and Ray almost gives it right back... should have been picked, but was dropped

Small crowd.

On the positive side Rod Black announcing and Andre Proulx is reffing. That means we will not see or hear them tomorrow

The Ricky Ray adoration society continues

Like the title of the thread!! :lol: :thup: Pretty bad when we start cheering for the "Blue" Bombers but they did do us a favour last week beating the Als to keep them 4 points back instead of just 2.

IF they can beat the Blew it will be a mini miracle!! The Blew have solved their first quarter woes and have 10 on the board although the bummers lead statistically (yds/ FDs) but probably not for long. The Blew have just scored again!! (17-3)

Oh well GO BUMMERS anyway!!

Looks like Ricky doesn't QUITE have his game back (missed toss to Owens) but he has enough of it back to keep the Blew driving down the field for another score - FG puts them up 20-3 :frowning:

Well… looks like it was too much to expect Winnipig to be good for 1 game at least :roll:

I'm testing the intelligence and sense of humour on the main board. Sort of a tribute to Oski-Oui-Oui. :slight_smile:

If the Bummers had a receiver that could catch the ball in the end zone they would have had a TD and narrowed the gap!! :oops: :oops: Blew with another FG to finish the half up by 20! :x :thdn:

LOL.. Great job Mark....

That should get a rise out of the Pig fans!

Or a QB who didn't overthrow wide open receivers in the end zone

I put my comment on the main board. :thup:

Bummers actually SCORED A TD!!! :o :o :thup:

Well.. 1Q left for Staggerville to do something.. .anything..... ohh who are we kidding, the ArgosSuck are going to beat the BummersSuck

OK I concede that one was overthrown but the other one was clearly on Denmark (I think ).
Actually the Bummers just need a QB. Now Sims-Walker has made a few BIG catches so looks like a keeper! :slight_smile:

Ladies and Gentlemen......

We have a game!

"these Bombers are still breathing" lol Rod Black

Rory Cohler from Max Hall,

17-23 bummers


Are you kidding me????

Bummers recover the ball!!

6 points down. Can the blew team blow it? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

If they do...

We can call them the Blow Team!!