UHG! I now work with a former blew team member

Yup, about two weeks ago we got a new employee. He played 12 years in the CFL. Started with the Eskimos, was there for 6 years then got traded to T.O. and played there for the remainder of his career. His name, Chris Hardy. He's a good guy and it's kinda cool working with a guy who played that long in the CFL. But I just can't get past the fact that he dressed in double blew. And to make matters worse, he has a Grey Cup ring for his efforts in blew. His one saving grace is he was not happy to be traded to Toronto.

No question. You've got to quit!

Don't quit. Remember that pro players have no choice on where they play first of all. Secondly your workplace is not the gridiron. He's a nice guy, leave it at that or find the joy of having a workmate or boss that had a totally cool life prior to you meeting him. Either way its no biggie what team or teams he played for. He's not playing now and if he's a nice guy the rest doesn't matter. Anyone who hates a guy because of which team he plays on need to take a deep breath and get over it. Personal life and athletic life have nothing to do with each other. I'd rather have him as a friend or boss than one of the many former Ticats that couldn't stay out of trouble and ended up on the wrong end of a gun fight or some other such nonsense

Oh, I never said I hate him. I said he's a good guy. And I know it was not his choice. But I just can't get past the fact that he played there and contributed to them winning the big show.

And I won't quit. Not for this reason anyhow...

Not sure I understand..

A guy who was just making a living playing on a team that wanted him. Maybe concentrate on current players. Hardy was one of the few guys I liked on the blew team. Really tough guy that always played hard.

Just can't get past it? wow

This is all tongue in cheek, right?

A couple of years ago I met old Argo linebacker Brian Warren at a kids event he was connected with in the Maritimes. I told him I grew up in Hamilton and never shook hands with an Argo before; we laughed and he handed me his Argo Grey Cup ring to look at. Great guy. But I would still never cheer for the Argos.

I met Chris Hardy a few times, he was a guest coach with my football team and also spoke at my football teams year end banquet twice. He's a really good guy, I'd just let it go. The guy has some good stories, and was obviously a decent player if he stuck around for 12 years.

I once allowed an ex-Argo into my house. He worked at the same brokerage office as our listing agent, and he showed up to man the open house. I was strangely OK with it. Partly because I assumed he had showered since last wearing the jersey, and partly because we were moving anyway.


You ExPat and Ottawacat are the only one that seem to understand that. Thank you.

Scream out Oski wee wee

With any luck he's had a couple concussions and will flashback back to his football days in the middle of the office and tear down the place. :lol:

Although seriously, just because he played for our rival doesn't mean he's a bad guy. I mean, lets be honest, it takes a lot of courage to suit up in the double blue and come to Hamilton. Respect for the Argos, even if they blow harder then a jet engine.


I refute it thus.

O'Shea, Mike.

Hey jl, just do some visualizing and pretend you see him decked out in black and gold in your head. :stuck_out_tongue:

not totally related...but sort of.

MIke Clemeons was a motivational speaker at my company's sales conference a few years back. Pinball was signing Argo's hats for everyone, when I didn't go up to get one he saw me and asked if I wanted a signed Argo hat and I politely (and tongue in cheek) said I was a Ti-cat season ticket holder and if I took one it might turn to smoke in my hand....we had a good laugh....but I still didnt' take one.

Personally I would have fun with it. Enjoy the rivalry at the work place. Have fun with it most Argo's love the rivalry as much as Cats do. It would be fun see if you could get him in some Ticat gear and have fun with that.

Careful, he could be your boss someday :lol:

Had a nice little talk with Mr. Hardy yesterday. He said when the pay cheques from the double blew stopped, so did his loyalty to the team. He also said he loved playing in The Hammer. But he couldn't believe the comments that would come from the crowd. And from everybody. From 10 year old girls to 80 year old ladies and everyone in between. :thup: :thup: :thup:

I grew up a Ticat fan in a family of die hard Ticat fans. Coming out of university, I wasn't going to be drafted, but did have camp opportunites. Luckily, none were from the Argos.

My wife likes to ask me the following question (usually on Labour Day when I am screaming "Argos S**k at the top of my lungs":

"What if you got traded to the Argos? What if they drafted you or wanted to sign you coming out of university"?

Is my love of the game greater than my love of the Tiger Cats? Not a fair question.

Yes, I would have worn the double blue. My mom would have never talked to me again, but I would have worn the double blue if that was the only opportunity I had to play pro ball.

Perfect... you have just enough time to give your 2 weeks notice before the pre-season starts... phew... you're lucky!

Good luck with the job hunt! lol :smiley:

What a horrible work environment that must be, JL. I would quit my job if I had to do that. Bad enough that I have to work with the blue team of the NHL FANS. If I had to work with a former blue team player I don't know what would happen. I'm not sure the building would still be standing at the end of the day.

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