uh oh...Tasker works out for Packers

[b]ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk Luke Tasker, son of Steve, got a workout with the Packers, per source.[/b]

Must be a Rod Black twitter account...

NBC Sports owns the ProFootballTalk site and Twitter account which makes this disconcerting to say the least.

Did Tasker not recently say that he wished to remain in TigerTown long term as Hamilton is in near proximity to his family home in Buffalo?

Maximum salary for an international receiver in the CFL: <$200K.
Minimum salary for a rookie receiver in the NFL: $405K.

$200K difference pays for a lot of trips home.

Oh oh here we go ..........greener pastures await :?


Already has a second career in the works should the NFL not happen, playing for the Cats open up TSN options

Its a workout. Many guys get workouts. Even if hes signed, if theres no signing bonus its usually for experience.
Jerry Rice Jr, Duron Carter were both given tryouts because of reputation and family. Luke is likely in the same boat. If he gets signed with a signing bonus and a team is serious about bringing him in, we re-sign Ellingson.

According to ESPN the Packers are looking at him as a receiver and his abilities as a Special Team player.

As in ... holder on field goals?

As in--punt return and kickoff teams.

I know this might sound stupid but I'm not that concerned about the tryout with the Packers. It's only one team looking at him unlike Mobtreal's Devon Carter who had 13 teams at his tryout session. I think look is just testing the waters and since nobody else jumped on him is a good sign for the Ticats.

No surprise, International import Players say they want to stay on their CFL teams all the time.

The CFL East Final(broadcast on the US ESPN main networks across the USA, was nothing more than an Audition for several International Import players on the Ticats, Tasker , Banks , Collaros , They played catch while the National receivers drew coverage :roll: same old same old.

That's funny. I thought it was also a contest to determine who got to play in the Grey Cup.

Of course it was, but don’t ignore the obvious, No passes to National receivers?

It is all good, the CFL is built on team play not any one individual.

Here's the link to the ESPN report

[url=http://espn.go.com/blog/green-bay-packers/post/_/id/16398/packers-work-out-son-of-steve-tasker]http://espn.go.com/blog/green-bay-packe ... eve-tasker[/url]

Yes. I'm sure both coaches conspired to get their American players the ball more so that they can lose them in the offseason. They definitely weren't interested in winning a championship! :roll:

No international import coach or players have any aspirations at going to the NFL. :roll:

Time for Canadian Coaches and less import players in OUR league. OR
lets face it Canadian players are crap, and are only on the team because of the ratio, and all Canadians have week arms :roll:
Or Maybe MR Young should move the team to Carolina and join the NFL to!

What are you even talking about?

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