Uh Oh; Did anyone else notice?

Did anyone else notice that the two teams that got beat badly tonight were the two teams that we have beaten so far? I'm not saying we aren't "for real" this year, but until we beat a team that isn't B.C. or Winnipeg, I'm not sure we can say we are for real. It may just be that we are the 3rd worst team in the league instead of THE worst team in the league. Maybe. Not sayin' for sure, just sayin'...

I don`t think so.

B.C beat up Edmonton and Winnipeg beat Calgary. So that makes us number 2 by those standards :smiley:

How about the fact that we held a team that has averaged 40+ points per game to just 21 points per game...

I'm not sayin... just sayin

In their yard, no less. A few un-dropped passes alone and the Cats would have been in the thick of it. The Cats have only had one quarter of football so far where burning the tape is a distinct option.

Oski Wee Wee,

Why is it no one else can see this Russ.... all this blah blah BS is tiresome!


All have been far worse than the Cats this season in one game or stretch IMHO. We've had one bad quarter against Toronto and even then outscored them over the rest of that game.

Saskatchewan should rebound on Saturday against Edmonton, I believe. Calgary stunk it up against Montreal and Winnipeg, but I do believe the rubber is back on the road for them.

Hamilton? If taken from a league-wide perspective, I do believe it hasn't been this close to good since the playoff year of 2004.

Oski Wee Wee,

Even that was an illusion as we got pummelled in the playoffs.

Even if that's true, it would still be good enough for us to make the playoffs. :wink:

Yeah, I'm not suggesting for a moment that we aren't much improved. And Winnipeg looks so weak right now that I'd say if the Argos win next week, and we win the next encounter with the Bombers, they are officially in the basement of the East. Which more or less gives us a playoff spot, sans a crossover.

But the bottom line is the two teams we beat just got destroyed last night. So I think we'll need another 3 games under our belts before we can more seriously say we are for real. We could very well just be the best of the worst.

yes I think you are correct, we could be nothing better than the best of the worst. The next couple of games will show what we have. I think we are much better than the best of the worst but until we see how we stand up against Calgary and Sask. the jury is still out.
We cannot, however, lose any more games we should win ie Toronto and maybe Montreal games.
I still maintain we could be 4-0 if it were not for one quarter of football against Toronto and the wrong QB starting against Montreal.
4-0 would look pretty nice right now... and certainly prove that we are better than the best of the worst.

Uh Oh; Did anyone else notice that it's bad form to give a title to a thread that has absolutley no description whatsoever of the topic??

Bad form eh? Do you know what irony is?

I'm sorry for my crime of the poor thread title. Can I play Robin to your Batman in this internet forum vigilantism? A quick glance of the first few pages of threads suggests others out there are in need of correction. Quick, to the Bat mobile!

The main CFL site used to use information-free headlines for news articles all the time. They'd use semi-clever headlines that were only meaningful if you already knew the contents of the article or were aware enough of what was happening in the league to guess which current event the title might allude to, or at least knew in advance what team a headline was referring to. Thankfully their headlines have improved a lot in the last year or two.

The good news is you can discuss almost anything in a followup to the thread and it will be hard to accuse you of being off topic. :wink: