Uh-Oh Conspiracy Theory Time?!

So, about an hour ago on the main CFL board, someone made a thread with a link to this website:


The website took you to a page with three big cartoon characters in CFL jerseys, with the date June 26th (?), 2008 at the bottom. It was the poster who posted its first post, and he wanted to know if anyone knew anything about it.

I replied, and assumed that it was some kind of viral marketing campaign by the CFL, and that it was the posters job to leak it to the public.

When i went back to see if there were any other replies to the thread, the thread had been deleted. Now, when I go the site, it links directly the Alouettes website.

Anyone got any ideas whats going on?

The page showed up for me with the cartoon characters, and the slogan "get your freak on! 06.23.08"

Pointing your browser to fantasy.cfl.ca shows the same thing.

I removed it and placed it in the mod section....

Sorry but I dont trust links from first time posters....... To many evil virus out there.

If you look at cfl.ca now there is a banner at the top with a shadowed version of the "freaks".

Probably the marketing for the CFL Online pool

Yes it seems like a safe, legit link so I moved the thread back to the main pageā€¦

Sorry bout that
but better safe than sorry

Thanks for the explanation guys.