[url=http://www.vancouversun.com/Saskatchewan+Roughriders+defensive+lineman+Odell+Willis+charged+with+impaired+driving/6447759/story.html]http://www.vancouversun.com/Saskatchewa ... story.html[/url]

On a professional level, I'm glad it's not our problem, on a personal level, I hope this was just a slip-up for Odell...

Agreed on both counts. Thankfully no one got hurt and hope he learns a lesson from this and doesn't repeat his mistakes.

First the trade and now this, not a good start to the year for OW.

.....Willis has had 'let's say' indiscretions in the past (something about a neighbours television as i recall) that Bomber management had to clear-up...I think he's one of these guys that doesn't think things through before he acts...This latest criminal dui is nothing to sluff off...Serious stuff when you endanger others with reckless behaviour...I feel sorry for the guy but he's a big boy making his own decisions...I don't like preaching and i have been in 'bad' situations when i was younger myself BUT you have to learn from your mistakes...I hope Willis will finally come to that realization...He's not off to a good start in riderville :roll: :roll: I hope he can keep his job...The 'mayor' is losing votes quickly

'I didn't take no stereos'

sorry, couldn't resist.

OW did have some sort of civil matter going over a TV but I don't believe any criminal charges ever came of it.

Wasn't Armstead back in the league last season? The CFL is home of the 'second chance' lol.

He had some criminal trespass charges filed against him. He had to go back to Georgia to turn himself in but the judge gave permission to leave the US to play football. Don't know what happened with the case though.