uH!!! No Commish yet!

Time to get this dog and pony show in the road

Yup. Looks amateurish and smells of cost saving.

No, timing is everything and things like this do take time, of course. It'll come this month before opening day of MLB or before the NHL playoffs begin.

The lack of Commissioner makes me think an Argo deal is far from complete.

Uh oh. The sky must be falling again!

I seem to recall the same hand wringing and predictions of doom during the transition from Wright to Cohon.

Personally, I rather they take their time to get the right candidate (like they did the last time) than rush it and be stuck with another Lysko.

As long as David Braley is involved in any capacity in this league, there will be no one stupid enough to take the job.. He has now chased out 3 consecutive commisioners. The latest commisioner actually took on a lesser role than all of the other ones on Braleys insistance,and even he threw in the towel. Braley is the commishioner, and is getting more and more pigheaded with age... He is a cancer on the league and is destroying the league.... The other owners need to act fast and oust him before he damages the league even more...
If Braley was ousted last spring, the salary cap would be 6 million right now, the Argos would be owned by MLSE,getting ready to move into BMO next season, and the league would be seen as the fastest growing league in North America.
Braley is almost solely responsible for the (Im not allowed to say the word anymore, but it has to do with pro choice) that last season was.

The league announced last year they probably won't name a new Commish until late Spring. The league doesn't really need a commissioner. He just a figure-head, giving guidance and is hopefully good with the media. The league released their best schedule in years, despite many trying circumstances (Pan-Parapan Games, World Cup, Rogers)...and no commissioner.

You sound like that forum member who consistently railed against Chris Rudge as Argos president.
Your comment credibility is declining...

You mean numb nuts? The vast majority of posters on this site have since admitted that Argo 91 was correct in his assessment of both rudge and Braley...
He was annoying as hell, but he was 100% correct... he called Braley a cheapskate before Braley fired everyone in sales and marketing .. and he called Rudge a numnuts, which to most people agree to now...
Argo 91 vwas annoying... but he was bang on in his assessment of those two clowns and the fact that since he stopped posting here, that there is now a 300 page thread and countless other threads that basically repeat his rhetoric, is a testament to how correct he was.
He was like a mentally challenged prophet.. Argo 91, should be enshrined in the cfl.ca HOF.

I'll nominate you as well Mr. Bungle for the Can FHFM. Is that ok? :wink:

Every forum needs its jester with zero credibility, Mr.Bungle. I'd be happy to take on that roll if you decide to give it up. :lol:

Tom Wright

I actually found him kind of funny. :lol:

My understanding is (and please correct me if I am wrong) that Mr. Cohon has a professional background in Marketing and Public Relations. I feel the next Commissioner definitely ought to have an assistant well versed (& well connected) in those fields. I feel the ideal next Commissioner should be someone from an investment banking background, well connected with all of Canada's top corporations for sponsorship, and possible team ownership or at least major participation with NEW franchises.

He should be a consummate dealmaker too, one that could get 1 more team somewhere in the West ** (See note below) and 2 more in the East (ideally Quebec City and Halifax or Moncton) so the League can be truly national in scope, play 6 games a week for increased TV money, and finally for the first time since the late 40's - early 50's see some actual sustainable growth. The increase in teams would cause an increase in interest too, possibly even among potential American televisers of games. Not to mention an increase in sales of souvenirs. memorabilia and jersies etc. You also now have a perfect schedule 16 games, 10 home and home in the Division and all 6 in the other division, home and away alternate years. If you still want 18 weeks of a regular season, give each team 2 byes. Helps guard against injuries, allows more recovery time from them AND makes more games televisable (I.E. More $$$$).

I do not have anywhere near enough knowledge of the Canadian business scene to know of any specific candidate that fits this mold. Perhaps some of you do, IDK. I do feel Canada could & would support a 12 team CFL, if the right moves were made. Even a community ownership model would be better than the present log jam of no real growth since 1954 that currently exists. No better way to win "hearts and minds" over to the CFL than broadening the amount of participation in the League in my view.

** I have read countless arguments here as to why Victoria and Saskatoon aren't good candidates, and that nowhere else is big enough. Solution: Put a team in Anchorage Alaska and restrict their roster to X number of ex NFL-ers, X number of former D-!A NCAA players and since you can't force them to have Canadians, make them play a certain number of former Division II or even Division III NCAA players that don't have NFL experience.

until braley is gone... this is all a moot point... Can you imagine taking a job with a wolf standing over you waiting to fire you... Nobody will step up until that guy is gone...

Did they not say it would not be filled until April since day one?

Could be. His contract actually only expired at the end of March, I believe, and he was "allowed" to leave early.

So bush league... There should have been a new commishioner back in Febuary then..

So bush league... There should have been a new commishioner back in Febuary then..

So bush league... There should have been a new commishioner back in Febuary then..