Disappointing game tonight, but at least we got the win. Offence looked terrible. Guess we're not around the corner yet, as we've fallen back to our old ways. On the flip side, we're tied for first.

In the past, BC and Toronto often have close games although BC has won in 6 consecutive meetings. Teams' performance normally fluctuate during the course of a season. Afterall, Toronto is overdue to start playing better. Eventually, the winnest coach in CFL history should be able to improve Toronto.

Agreed. Lets hope it was just an emotional letdown last week and that they come out roaring this week against the Esks. 2 huge games! Lets hope Vancouver puts 45,000 in the stands!


we will not get any were near 45,000 i say about 35,000 at the most, do not forget that the lions play there last home game up agianst toronto, wich is usally not a big draw, and the canucks are playing that same night here in vancouver against edmonton, i wounder wich will be the bigger draw that night, i say canucks.

At the end of the day, its two points. Nobody remembers if they were good or ugly.

Exactly...most games have seen "ugly" wins this season but nobody cares in the end. As long as you slug it out and get the points, it's all that counts really.

Would you prefer to have an UGLY LOSS?To me,a W is a W.Another 2 points in the standings.I just hope the Lions can carry their momentum to the end of the season.And go deep into the play-offs.Don't wanna jinx them with any Grey Cup predictions but am just hoping for no injuries to any of the players.The talent is their to win the Cup.

Nucks building only holds 18000+, Lions will have more than 18000 chicken little.

I'd rather win ugly than lose pretty, but I'd also rather win convincingly than win ugly. Its better long term.

Beating a team in turmoil by 4 points is NOT good enough in my opinion, but if they come back strong the next 2 weeks then I'm more than willing to forgive them for a subpar performance.

The people in Vancouver sure are good at accepting mediocrity. Full house for the miss-the-playoffs Canucks over a HUGE game for the Lions? Thats gong show IMHO. The Leos need your support this weekend far more than the Canucks.