Ugly Win

Okay that was an u-g-l-y win, but I’ll take it!

3-1 feels a lot better than 2-2. And definitely better than 0-3, eh Ti-cats? :lol:

Glad to see McCallum back on his game tonight.

:o he was "on" his game tonight??... wow... did hell freeze over? sorry... good to hear that he was kicking well... i forgot to stream the game over the net... so all i got was the play by play from the league...

i dont think it was an ugly win. i would say the riders dominated the entire game. the only problems being turnovers and nealons in ability to pass infront of the receivers on crossing paterns. (example: the ball behind grant in the 3rd quarter) but i would say that was the riders strongest 4th quarter of the year.

Stupid refs… They screwed us last year in Montreal, and they took away 2 turnovers if i can remember correctly today, which as you could see on the jumbo-tron, were ACTUALLY turnovers. Another thing that got me pissed off is whenever someone went to kick a field goal they’d whistle the play dead and no one knew why :?
But overall not a bad game. Paul looked good today, he only missed the one field goal because Butler didn’t get the ball down in time. I think we should grab one of our old holders or something because Rocky Butler isn’t that great and he blows chunks as a QB. Too bad we don’t still have Dillan Ching, he was my hero and he was the best pinner ever.

We need to quit with the whining about the refs already - they made some brutal callls tonight but they’ve been consistently brutal in just about every game I’ve seen across the league so far. We’re not the only ones they’ve screwed over with their incompetence.

Besides, it just gives more ammunition to all these guys who hate Rider fans. WE WON TONIGHT - in spite of the refs, all our injuries, and the horrible weather and field conditions.

Two points is two points! Good on us…

You guys had a good win. They played a full 60 minutes. No offence prairie pj, you didn’t even come close to dominating that game. And considering the refs gift rapped that punt return to the 1 yrd line for you after he was clearly down, I wouldn’t hack on the refs either.
But a great win. Good job all around.

It was the point after and if it is not kicked it is not a miss…Yes GOOD JOB PAUl…and Danny even took 1 away from him…so now that is two that you have to add to his +/- with * beside it for att-made-takin away by coach. :lol: OK Paul you can stay another week you deserve to be the top paid Canadian on the team these week pick up your pay check in shivers office.

Yah he definitely looked down from where I was sitting and from the replays. But they also missed the Hunt interception which he would have had a very nice return on.

how can some of us Rider fans still be complaining about the game…we won for christs sake…quit your bitchin you negative bastards

The Hunt interception was clearly not an interception as the replays showed. It looked pretty clear to me that the ball hit the ground before Hunt had control of it. I am a Rider fan, and if anything I thought the Riders got the most breaks from the refs. So, all of you complaining about the reffing should check yourselves!

overall the reffign has looked better to me this year. not perfect but i don’t expect perfection. now if we can get rid of the electronic device penaty

I do not believe that was an ugly win. The Riders ran the ball well, defense hit hard, had some nice int chances, nice run back by Morgan/ Bush. It was a good win for them, because they have 9 starters injured, and that is a great testament to they the talent of the team.

They calledthe interceptiont incomplete. two plays later Hunt recovered a fumble.

I agree with the call. I was simply saying that there was no interception because the ball hit the ground.

I also agree that overall reffing has been a lot better so far this year.

I think the refs are a little better this year, hopefully they will continue to improve. I only wish they were more consisent on the roughing the pass calls. Its hard to figure out what line you have to cross for a call/non call.

You rider fans should stop looking through the bottom of your beer bottles,while watching football…You guy’s got all the breaks…and the ball hit the ground on hunts int…

WHAT …The refs have been so inconsistant on ruffing the passer calls The play McManus was hurt on would have been called out East for sure and Bennifield would have been ejected. It’s nice to see that the bad calls are being noted and someone is trying to straighten out the crew…for that I will give them credit…They make mistakes and it finally looks like some action is taken when the blow a call.

Two calls I was wondering about are and I think they got them both right.
Any help here ?
What is the ruling if the other team knocks the ball out of the players hands and through the end zone like what happened. would they get it at the 1 if for example he was on the 10 when he fumbled.
Second rule same play when the Ham. player hit the Doresy he did not have the ball yet but when he dove he grabbed the ball .Would he be down by contact or not because he clearly was down but he was going down. I tried to put it in perspective if a DB hit’s the reciever down and he then catches the ball while on the carpet then he has to be re-touched , so I think that was how it went and the right call but i am not sure the rule.

Amen to that!