Ugly Win, i'll take it, but i have a big question

So the whole game had me frustrated as we should have won 24-8 by what should have been a gimme TD on the 1 and the Pick 6 called back because of a boneheaded horse collar sack by Jefferson. There are games where I watch Edmonton's offense and literally have zero faith to win games. This game was one of them, the game against Calgary was another, and the game against Hamilton. They came through in 2/3 of those, we should have beat Calgary as Bo Levi Mitchell proved to not be a good QB against a top defense. He only had one reputable drive in the game. But I am getting off track.

The glaring problem to me against Ottawa last night is WHY wasnt White in at RB instead of Thomas? White more than proved he is the better RB with pass blocking AND running. Tyler Thomas had like 3 carries and fumbled once! Is White injured? Maybe it's just me, but i was infuriated by not seeing him.

Yes John White is on 6 game injured list I think it's a hamstring injury, I think missing Stamps is having some issues with the offence as well