I liked that the ticats found a way to combat the blitz .
They did alot of reverse fakes and ran Masoli and Dan L . Masoli was a secret weapon .
wildcat offence . Banks also made some steps forward as a receiver and kick returner .

I still did not like alot obviously ....why they did not blitz is beyond me and i foudn jamal missed alot of tackles
lawrence was guarding green once and isaac was on carter on that long bomb..i don't understand either ...
i sure did not like Burris ....he mad elot of bad reads and passes ...the interception was the receivers fault though
i felt gigure played better today
why austin went for a field goal in the first half i don't know
why he had dan l run a qb sneak on 3rd and 2 i don't know either
i did like the plays where gable cleared out the backfield and they passed to chevon

the who defensive backfield did not play well at all ..and the linebakers did not get to the qb

i like that we have 3 qb choices and likely alot of db ( webb, breau) and receiver choices ( tasker, ellingson) going into the net 2 games as well as maybe simmons coming back ...

i disagree on the foroum title first of all it was a close game all game and second they didnt give up down 16 0 they battle through took the lead and conserved i can remeber in years past this would been a game they would have laid down or found away to lose.
the attiude and fight is there 4 more games and reward is handed to them keep up the good work boys its coming together at the right time