ugly Ticat season tickets

b4 the ticats forum got changed, we had a good discussion going about the ti-cats season tickets being plain ticketmaster prints, with a bunch of junk mail included ( which most threw in the recycling box ).

well. i've just gotten confirmation that the ticats are the ONLY east team that printed ugly tickets.


VERY DISAPPOINTED in how the ticat tickets look. How can a team that seem to be so many things right do such a simple thing so poorly.

Hmmm. Good obervation drummer. I have to admit, without sounding petty, that as a seasons ticket holder I would like to have a distinguished looking ticket rather than the Ticketmaster specials we receive.

those tix look nice and i really like how the argos have the huge home opener ticket thats pretty cool. Its alright tho because they all got nice looking tickets but we guanna have a winning team this year :slight_smile:

i don't have a comment on the tickets but it seems that large pictures mess up the forum a bit...

I haven't seen the ticats tickets, but the esks ones are pretty nice like the rest of the east's.

u got a pic of them, esks123?

I don't know about all of you, but after the game, the longest i keep the ticket for ius until laundry day when i clean out my pockets.
Yeah, it would be nice to maybe thae the tix a little more personalized for the team, but frankly as long as it gets me into IWS and the seats I have then I see no problem with them.
Now, if the Cats did't recently mail out a high gloss, high quality brochure, woudl you have had such high standards?
Like Bob said in his post, I woudl rather have 1 extra quality player than fancy tickets that I would probably just throw out anyway.

Well..I don't give a Damn what the tickets look like...As long as they get me in and we have a good product on the field.

Nothing like looking a gift horse in the mouth EH? I mean really...We got a much improved team...a lot of improvements at Ivor Wynne and a "FUTURE".

Think back...just a few years ago...we didn't know if we would have a team. Enough of the whining eh?

Oh yea...and one other thing...what other caretaker can influence the weather like "our bob"?

Let the season start!!!! :lol:

A lot of fans were seasons holders long before the "caretaker" took over and have been collecting stubs and sheets for years.
Our newer fans may not have even seen just how nice some of them were and if they had supported this club through the lean years might just feel differently.
Personally I'm not fussy either way but certainly respect and understand why a fan would like to have them.
Uncut sheets of the Baltimore stallions seasons, the final year of the Ottawa RR and sheets from most of the 90's are a very cool thing to have.

Oh don't get me wrong...I look forward to nice season's tickets too....but hey...reality is that they are out...the season is soon upon us and we should be happy about year I'm sure we will have something nicer...oh yea...and we will be paying more.

Complain, complain, complain,... bring on the season!!!!

At least partially thanks to the people that indicated that they care about such "trivial" things this year.

Bring on the season, ticketmonster tickets and all.

Yeah, they're nice, but I don't really care all that much.

I can do without fancy tickets.

and so if the tigercats did this and raised prices to cover the special tickets then youd probably complain about that too

thanks for trying to copy my name.

I'm of the 'I don't really care what the tickets look like school of thought. Yes, the graphics are cool on some of the others but I see the ticket as a tool to get in and not as anything else.

For me- it can go either way and I won't get exercised about it.

Taken with a cell phone.

this is from esks123's cell phone cam:
esks tickets
thanks again, esks123! it looks like the whole league has nice tix...except hamilton.

I just hate it when I miss news.
Thanks for letting me know that the Lions, Stamps, and Riders dropped from the league DG.
Oh wait, they haven't. And I have yet to see a fan from 1 of these teams post on this thread to say they have season tickets like this.
I know you are overy bitter that the team didn't waste money on very fancy tickets, but in 1, 3, 5 or more years from now will you actually care that we don't have a design on our tickets? And are you actually that upset that the team spent their moneywisely on other things, or didn't potentially raise prices just to give a fancy ticket?

well, ive recieved PM's from season ticket holders from those 3 teams u refer to....and they all say thier tickets are nice and are gonna send me pics soon.

so your smart mouth isnt so smart.