Ugly Game

Wasn't pretty and the lions didn't play very well IMO, but I'll take the W :smiley:

Thank the refs! :lol:

Good game Lions. Thanks for burying Hamilton a little further behind my Bombers.

Local blackout so i didnt see the game but everything i heard pointed to a blown call. Oh well, it happens to all teams and every game stuff is missed, it all evens out in the end i guess. Best way to not fall victim to a missed or blown call is to blow the other team out :smiley:

Embarrasing, nothing more...nothing less!

The Lions can thanks the refs for this one. Soft penalties and blown calls all going the wrong way for the Cats who totally outplayed and outhit the hapless lions. You got the win but look in your rear view mirror cause your team is going backwards.

You lost your offensive co-ordinator and it is obvious your offense is not what it used to be. Lions on a hope and prayer to make the playoffs in the west.

Lions can thank the refs but so can all the other teams when the soft calls go their way. I’m sure the Lions will have their share of bad calls in the future and I’m sure Lions fans will complain.

Lions didn’t play well but the D did play well except against Lumsden. This game was so frustrating to watch especially after seeing the Lions opening drive

Hope & a Prayer at 4-0....okay if you say so! :roll: :roll:

Ugly win indeed. Good teams find a way to win. But I'm not doing cartwheels yet. The offense seems to be lacking. Defense wins championships, but I'd like to see our offense produce more.

This game was a joke, i have season tickets and if this keeps up the way the lions have been playing on offence, i am not renwing next year,defense wins championships but offence sells tickets,they better go into calgary and put on a offensive clinic or that is my last game, what a joke..................

Totally agree dupsell and a little bit concerned to hear the Province's Lowell Ullrich say he thinks the offence will be like this for the rest of the season — conservative with an emphasis on the running game.

Just look how many Simon jerseys there are being worn at B.C. Place. The most popular player on the team and if they think that all is well ignoring him and the big play week to week ... they are sadly mistaken.

That was painful to watch and these new OCs have little in the way of imagination. How many frickin times did Pierce look Clermont's way?

I too will reconsider my season tickets next season if we get a steady dose of that kind of offence given the talent we have at the receiver position.

Yeah, 4 - 0 and going backwards comment was a bit early. Good teams manage to get the W out of nothing. Take your ref whining to your team forums where you can all have a good cry. Why is it that when refs screw up people act as though its the end of the world and they are the only team that has been jobbed by the officiating? Guess what, refs in any sport are equal opportunity screw ups. Some days you get a bonus, some days you get the shaft. All team have been on the end of both at different times. Im sure Hamilton has been on the receiving end of a ref bonus before and I know the lions have been on the receiving end of a good ol ref shafting. No point getting all bent over it.

If the lions get their wheels rolling again they should be a very difficult team to beat and I have no reason to think they wont do that eventually.

I'd wait until the season ends before deciding to dump your seasons tickets. The team is undefeated and the season is only 4 games old....hopefully the O gets moving shortly.

Why is everybody complaining about an offence and team that has put up the most points for in the league?? Yes the defense has set the offence up in great field position time after time but you cant argue with 117 points for after 4 games... And i dont see anything wrong with having an above average offence that sort of depends on its all star defence... Everybody should be grateful they're seeing a defence as great as this in their lifetime. Our secondary is amazing and when they step out onto the field I can't help but keep my eyes off of Marsh, Banks, Phillips, Glover, Miles and Washington because they're simply unreal out there.
This city is insanely picky about the Lions and frankly it is embarrasing.
Defense wins championships... and all Dave Dickenson does is pick apart opposing defences.
Dupsdell can suck it, because its fans like him who dont truly appreciate what sort of team we have on the field week in and week out.

Yup...., the defense is playing great and our receivers are making some great catches and J. Smith is kick-ass. My only complaint is the game seems to take so long to play , with all the red flags every play, the stoppages for commercial breaks and the 10 minute injury timeouts every 10 minutes.I had to skip the customary after game restaurant meal cause I need to work the next day.These weekday games are a bit of a pain....., that's my only complaint.

Friday nights before labour day are so much better than Thursday!