Ugly DJ

Looks like DJ is going to be done for a while big time broken leg there.

Ya i work as an EMT in saskatoon and i can tell you the foot isn't supposed to point that way

he's done for the year. That's not simple.. well, now we need a WR..


Cool I used to work as an EMT up in Northern Alberta. I am taking Respiratory Therapy now graduate in a couple years.

UGLY hope he is okay and is back next year
see you guy next Week

I'm one of the guys who was PO'd when DJ did the mock Oskee Wee Wee cheer last year at IWS. However, I'm over it, and I was hoping for DJ to have another good year in Saskatchewan.

I hope it's not serious and he's back on the field soon!

Dang TSN just reported that it sounds like DJ has a broken ankle.

Would have been better had it been the leg, broken joints are never easy to heal.

Not only is a broken Joint mean he's gonna be out for the year....its gonna be a cronic injury thats gonna plague him for the rest of his career.

Flick the player will be back...flick the speedster died in BC tonight.

Oh and Boonedock82 good luck with your RT course...its tough but i know alot of them here and they do some important shit and are financially compinsaded accordingly :slight_smile:

Feel sorry for is unfortunate that he got injured, hopefully he will be able to come back.

What a shame,all that talent and heart wasted by one pathetic pass by one lousy QB........hope DJ returns in 2008

I cringed when I saw that replay. I'm still cringing thinking what DJ is going through this morning. He's a tough nut, but that almost looked like a career ending injury. I'm not gonna say more until we get a report from the Sask training staff. It's heart breaking to see that happen to anybody.

the more I think about it the more I get mad about it

the fact that it happened while he was trying to defend a horrible long ball from being intercepted makes me sick to be honest

ugh....... hope you can get back to full form DJ, we love ya here!

17 weeks of regular season left we might see him for the playoffs....... maybe........ i hope........ prob not

Stuff like that makes a guy stop and think if its worth it anymore. In this case i hope he decides it is, ever since watching him in Hamilton, i started to really like the guy, and since he came here hes become my favorite receiver, best of luck DJ.

He will be fine, it was reported that he broke his tib / fib wich is one hell of alot better than an angulated fracture of the ankle as TSN reported during the game.