Ugly, but a win is a win!

Not sure what we have to do to get a complete game out of our team. The offense is starting to get on track; hope Jamel's injury doesn't set the offense back. Liked the "flee flicker" to French; too bad he was underthrown.

Nice to see Mitchell back at SAM. He was on fire! It would be a travesty if he does not get Defensive Player of the week!

Dickenson wasn't so cocky after the game; wonder what type of fine/ suspension he will receive for throwing his helmet!

because all the teams in the CFL are as close together competitive wise :cowboy: we are goin to see a lot of this IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw the highlight of that play on sportsnet this am, nice play but French should have adjusted to that ball, he didn't slow up or stop for that ball at all, even if it wasn't picked off he was too far infront of the ball anyways so yes I agree the ball was underthrown but I also saw french make no adjustment to the ball!!!

As much as I am not a fan of Jackie Mitchel he did play his socks off and omfg that hit on Dickensen has to be the best hit on a QB so far this year WOW! Hope he can keep playing at that level and who knows maybe I will like the guy by year end.

Jackie prolli knew he had to have a great game, and, it always seems like he plays well at BC place...

He also was not afraid to hammer Dickenson into next week. man that was a huge hit, im surprised DD got up as quick as he did. That turned the game around in the 2nd half for the Riders IMO.

I gotta agree with you, when i first say that play i thought DD would be down for the count...

That's probably why he threw 2 INT's at the end.....couldn't see straight.