Well, I'm kind of ticked off.

Good to see that alot of our key defensive players decided money is more important than the game.

Johnson is gone (which i did not expect) - and if it IS true that AM and Mo have gone to BC and Edmonton because of more money then.. jesus.

Sure, they deserve more money - but in a sense they are just being greedy.

I expected more from AM and Mo. Oh well. Can't have em all.

Can we just have the season start already? Please? :expressionless:

Anton and Mo did what was best for them, and their families. Good for them! :thup:

I know I'm angry too!

Murray was willing to talk numbers:

Maurice Lloyd is headed to Edmonton.

The former Roughriders middle linebacker, who became a free agent on Sunday, supposedly signed a two-year deal worth $160,000 per. The Riders were offering a three-year deal worth $135,000.

$25k a year is a lot of money to turn down. It's really not much of the $4.2M cap ... more dissapointed in the Riders not being as competitive as I'd hoped than I am of Mo signing the deal that was best for him.

Football players have a very limited lifespan in which to earn money. A player could blow out a knee and be done at anytime. It is ridiculous to suggest there is anything wrong with going for the cash. If we had been close in dollars, maybe Mo gives us a friendly discount. If the numbers are 135 and 160, --that is not close. Over the next 5 years--likely to be Mo's best years--that is 125,000. Tell me which one of you would turn that down?

Murray seemed to find some more details:

Lloyd supposedly signed for $165,000 in the first year of the two-year contract. That figure also includes a $100,000 signing bonus, which is amazing. That's quarterback country in terms of bonuses. I guess, the $100,000 is a bonus because there are less taxes. There is also $15,000 in incentives. That means Mo can make $185,000 in the first year of the contract.

The Eskimos outbid the Argos who were offering $100,000 as a base and $75,000 bonus. The Riders were offering $135,000, with incentives, over three years.

I’ve said it before. If we were serious about signing Mo, we had a big advantage before free agency. If we had offered Mo 100 signing bonus, plus another 50, plus, he signs. Instead we offer him less than he is worth and an “incentive laden” contract. Not very creative.

If management says we can't sign him because of the cap why wouldn't we believe them I mean what reason would they have for not wanting to sign Mo. I am not saying I believe everything they say but if they could have signed Mo I think they would have.

Obviously Mo wanted to go to Edmonton, to follow Hall.

Wish him all the luck and hopefully the Riders can find a suitable replacement.

It isn't a case of being able to or not being able to sign Mo because of cap concerns. Management made a choice, a decision to allocate their cap space in a certain way and that was why we had no room left to sign Mo.

I agree with you, the Riders could have signed Mo but they decided to fill his spot with someone who doesn't command as much money. I don't know if I agree with it or not, Williams is a good player, but Mo can't really be replaced and he still young. I think he is well deserving of the contract he was offered and it is really unfair to call him greedy for accepting it.

I havent said anything about this because I was out of town.

But what the hell??

They wouldnt match, or at least come somewhat close, to Edmonton's offer?

I understand the whole their career is short concept and i understand why they left. I've had the luxury to meet both AM and MO and they're both stand up and very intelligent guys. The big beef i have is....WHY DID WE LOSE THEM BOTH?

Why didnt someone step up in the office (weither it be ET before his leave, or Coach Miller) and say k...we can't sign both so evaluate which one you can more easily replace and match the offer for that player. ITs not rocket science, its just plan stupidity that we'd give up both our best defensive players instead of sacrifising a chance of resignign one to get the other.