Because of a discussion in another thread, I thought I would use the “ask the Ref” section of this site.

SO I go there and once again there is no way to ask a question. Can the people that run this site please get their act together!!!

and still NO PLAYER BIOS!!!

You can ask the ref on the “Contact” page. There’s a link at the bottom of every page.

We’re working on it…

Relax… the paint’s not even dry here.

So there is, after “Login Problems” , “Website Comments” and “Media Releases”.

Look this is a special feature of the site, why make it difficult to use!

BTW, still waiting for ALL the blackout rules! COuld you please also consider changing the “In The Media” so that one can see all the headlines and archive them, the way you have it now is just about useless. The old system seem to work fine.