Ugggggg!!!! Here We Go Again!!!!

Of course, this has to be released on the same night as the Rough Riders return...

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That's literally the only response this article is worth.

I'm kind of liking that 10 prospective buyer filled out the request forms so far. Looks like there were another 50 tire kickers. Out of those 10 you got to think there are some who can handle Rogers.

Does anyone else notice that there announcements ALWAYS mirror big dates for the CFL????

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

come on guys its funny. why dont you all go to rogers or MLSE headquarters and throw eggs at their windows or something. Or protest at all there stores.

I love MLSE they make the new ottawa redblacks owners look sooooo damn amazing. The NFL does not care about Toronto. put it this way folks. the nfl will never, ever, ever, ever, ever relocate anywhere outside the usa. it's just a ploy. all these dummy owners are getting kicks from people to say that. its just like politicians with large companies.

MLSE needs to keep themselves firm that they are the big boyz. but it will one day come crashing down on them because all crooks get crushed.

Hope you’re right.

I remember when the first Bon Jovi/NFL/Toronto news came out… on Grey Cup weekend. Now, on a night to celebrate Canadian football, they release their purchase attempt of the Bills. I agree, they are NOT coming, I am just tired of this crap.

When I see stories like this I don't waste a minute believing it. The NFL has an ownership rule, only private ownership. No company can own a team. Bon Jovi can buy it, but not if it's with Rogers. The late Ted Rogers could have bought an NFL team, but the company can't. If MLSE wanted a team, sorry.

I am not worried about the NFL coming. I am just p!ssed at their timing. Why not let the CFL have its day?

its not like people are reading the article anyways. you must really enjoy that paper.

The Globe and Mail???

Anyway, PTS never mentioned Ottawa's game tonight. A shame. This league deserves better.