UFOs or new technology

Now why would Tesla be ignored ? Surely it can't just be because he wasn't American. Many foreigners were given credit in the USA.
Let's see, could it be Tesla was a draft dodger back home(some people call that cowardice) or was it because he was a gambleholic. Maybe it was the multiple nervous breakdowns he had or the fact that he refused to pay his massive bills to all the hotels he lived in. Or maybe it was the visions he claimed to have or because he was a hermit and antisocial. What about the quirky idea that only the same person could serve him his supper and it HAD to be at 8pm every day. Maybe it was the machine he said he invented that could cause earthquakes and he claimed did. Nah, I think it was because he fell in love with a pigeon. That's right, a pigeon. He claimed that he and the pigeon had a love like a man and his wife do.
I think the word genius is thrown around far too easily. I think Tesla was friggin nut.

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Sometimes there’s a fine line between genius and insanity and some of the most brilliant people seem to cross back and forth over either side. Tesla a perfect example ( did not know about that bird love thing), it just adds to what makes these people interesting.


Many of our icon type's who appear larger than life all had that other side of them that is obscured by the more famous part .

I never knew until about a year ago Ghandi liked really young women and was a racist . He would be canceled by me too and BLM .

Didn't know our own Mackenzie King liked Hitler pre WW2 and was seriously into the occult .

Hitler was inspired by Henry Ford . Never knew that until just a few days ago .

JFK's famous speech was taken from a former prof of his and the Cuban missile crisis was not as accurate as were told .

It is interesting to see the entangled relationships and controversial leanings of the past leaders in whatever field they excelled in . Everyone seems to have something that would be considered at least improper in our times or considered socially an outcast today . ..... but was accepted at the time or tolerated due to their position or past deeds .

Then you only hear about the legend or myth .

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Tesla studied abroad internationally. Mr. Dressup was a draft dodger too and brought joy to millions of Canadian children, that doesn't diminish Ernie Coombs accomplishments.

Tesla may have have mental health issues, but that was accelerated by the pressure to realize projects for his financiers like JP Morgan and medication for his condition wasn't formulated by then.

At least Tesla wasn't ruthless like Edison who stole credit and patents from inventors that worked in his lab in New Jersey. Tesla didn't claim to invent a phone that could communicate with the Dead like Edison had before he died. Edison only made the assertion to take advantage of gullible people that dabbled in Spiritualism in the early 20th Century

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Last night on C2C last night, they had a good discussion that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle being Jack The Ripper.

Any ideas or conspiracies on who you think was Jack The Ripper?

…all I know is he was bad…years ago my wife, daughter and I did a night-time guided tour in London with a JtR expert…even had fog that night to really set the stage…I was pretty eye-rolly to do this, it was my teenage daughters idea, but it turned out to be really interesting and thought-provoking…but I doubt there will ever be a suspect truly identified, too many viable suspects and too much time has passed…the identity of JtR is lost to history I’m afraid….

…not really on-subject here but sort of…one thing that really amazed me during this tour was the proximity between the truly rich and privileged and the absolutely squalid and destitute poor was not very far, and it’s amazing IMO that the masses of poor, having really nothing to lose or live for, never rose up to revolt against the upper-class, how did the British avoid what happened in France? :woman_shrugging:

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Man, you deflect a lot. I don't care what Mr Dressup or Edison did. I still think Tesla was a nut.

Most likely suspect for old Jack is Charles Allen Lechmere. I would bet it is him.

There is no deflection. You can find plans for Edison's ghost phone. It couldn't work. Edison had his flaws too

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I think Jack the Ripper was a two man operation. The killer and his accomplice traveled by carriage to Whitechapel. The driver transported the killer and acted as lookout to alert of patrolling bobbies. The Ripper did the murders left the crime scene via the underground sewer system for escape. Both would leave separately and arrive at the lair.

I think Scotland Yards had their person of interest in Arron Kosminski. It is alleged that Kosminski's DNA was found on a victim's scarf.

Who was Lechmere? His name never came up in the list of suspects

You need to do your homework. After reading and watching a show about him, there is no doubt in my mind that Lechmere was the Ripper.
Maybe this like NOT finding Bigfoot. The truth will harm the conspiracy and tourist world. Thousands still go to Loch Ness because there is no conclusive proof that there is no monster. That's the way they want to keep it otherwise Loch Ness is just another lake.
Lechmere was the Ripper. He fits like no other person and he had the mental problems and family that would make him hate women. He lived in the area and had the perfect disguise...... It is interesting stuff.

I not familiar with Lechmere suspect and I know most of the usual Jack the Ripper suspects. I'll examine that later

In regards to the Bigfoot mystery, there are now stories of people going missing and being mutilated by Bigfoot.

I think the Loch Ness Monster was a long extinct prehistoric aquatic reptile that died in the lake that was eating by other fishes in the lake as it died

Look for the documentary called 'Jack the Ripper; The Missing Evidence' by Christin Holmgren and Gareth Norris.
After watching this there is no mystery anymore.

Okay I recall watching that.

Lecemere was a delivery driver for a meatpacking company who didn't have butchering skills, if he did he would've been promoted as a butcher instead of working as a delivery man for the rest of life. The investigators, Holgren and Norris was stretching that Lecemere's past name was Cross to fit their conspiracy.

But the dude was illiterate, he couldn't have written the "Boss" and/or "From Hell" letters

Anybody catch the news item of the UFO disclosure on the CBC. It had Katie Simpson interview Lou Elizondo(no relation to the Elk's coach). It was a good fair piece but I didn't like Chopin's Funeral March being played in the background

I get CBC gem what show is it called ?

I have watched several good Joe Rogan guests lately .

It is entertaining Letting your mind and imagination go for a bit and listen to some theories .

The most interesting idea is that it's future humans visiting that have developed well past our current stage and have conquered our many scientific problems and have pushed past our human frailties with science .

Not that I believe it ; but I do find the theory interesting to examine .

I believe the futurist human theory more so than the aliens are satanic demons. The human futurists has some legs to it.

There was a Russian digging site in the Ural Mountains that found tiny springs in 1991. It is so small that it is considered nanostructures. They were made of copper and tungsten. Found in depths of 10 to 40 feet in the ground. The age of the items are estimated to be 40,000 to 318,000 years old. Further study on these finds stopped with the death of Dr. Johannes Fiebag, in 1999, who was the principle researcher of the find.

Or the Antikythera Mechanism found by a Kontos expedition in 1901 off the coast of Greece. Scientist speculate it to be a simple ancient computer. That is a mystery

Why is it so hard to believe that people who went before us were just as smart as us today ? The only difference is they didn't have electricity.

Because there were not just as smart...they were however just as intelligent. I don't know if they were as wise though