UFOs or new technology

You didn't give a Norwegian name. You getting lazy to back your claims.

What kind of "Jet fuel"? Does that type of fuel have a specific name?

Rock carvings in India, New Mexico, Australia.

Scientist's estimates are guesses. Now you are saying scientists have given up finding the Missing Link.

You won't comment on the enhanced Bigfoot film because you know it is persuasive. Bigfoot hunters have used FLIR imaging and have found heat tracings of large bipedal creatures in the forest during the night.

Nessie is a hoax. There hasn't been new evidence of the Loch Ness being filmed in decades

JP-1A is a refined light petroleum product used in jet engines, it sits above diesel in the fuel spectrum in the kerosene family…commercial jets definitely do not use diesel fuel though, it’s not volatile enough to use in this application…


The thing that gets me about these earth bound mystical creatures and ufos as well is the sheer proliferation of cameras around the world and yet no compelling video evidence is being produced. That one thing sort of does it for me. World’s a big place though….


2001 A Space Odessy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWCvMwivrDk

War for the Planet of the Apes: [War for the Planet of the Apes | Final Trailer | 20th Century FOX - YouTube]

Costume you can buy online:

Pretty decent costumes

Using CGI than can even "un-muscle" somebody:

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I think Stephen Hawking thought that most likely life would be found somewhere else at some point.

Should be interesting to see the first pics from the James Webb telescope next month.


I hope this uber expensive space telescope works as advertised. The Hubble space telescope's first images were out of focus due to error that wasn't caught before launch. Much ridicule ensued (yes I'm old).


I think the ridicule regarding Hubble was as a result of forgetting to take the plastic wrap off of the mirror.

I just hope the telescope snaps some pics of one of the many aliens coming and going from earth. I would deploy it in an intergalactic shipping lane. I hope they also give it some earth time so we can finally have undisputed pictures of Nessie and Bigfoot.


Knowing this incredibly litigious planet of ours I wouldn't be surprised if those previously unseen aliens brought lawsuits against US for invading THEIR privacy.


Maybe the aliens are visiting earth in order to sign a streaming rights deal for the CFL.
Think of the potential exposure for the league!

Also beginning in 2024, each team will be required to have at least one alien :alien: on their roster at all times during the season.


It was a polishing error that had the mirrors out of spec by a minuscule measure but enough to totally blur the images they were trying to capture from so far away.

It was corrected on a subsequent space shuttle flight in 1993 by installing an equipment rack with corrective mirrors essentially giving Hubble a pair of spectacles.


Space is a HUGE market we are missing out on! We'll 1st have to scedule a game on the moon and Mars to create interest closer to home. Maybe BC vs CGY as they are closer to space.


Hubble got some beautiful pics of distant galaxies I think using UV & IR light.
The James Webb one will make those look like black n white!


I swear Andrew Harris is AI placed here on earth to teach we earthlings what toughness and determination can do ! Hey I agree were not alone in out galaxy and that other civilizations visit and perhaps live among us. They obviously could have conquered us many times but who wants a world with Arena Football ? Maybe the aliens could spirit away some of the pretender QB's mentioned. And..how did this subject get in the CFL blog ?
But then again I was sucker enough to put my 2 cents in. :crazy_face:

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Just light up a fatty and everything will come into focus man.

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That reminds me of the 1980's and Cheech and Chong. They were selling weed out of an Ice Cream Truck while the Cops were turning into iguana's. Barely a decade later Hubble launched. Maybe the dudes grinding the lens were lighting up.

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Well now those are places where a domed stadium is really not an option, again a money thing.

I don't think that the moon landing was faked but I do think that they had fake footage produced so that they would have a good TV product. Or better TV product - moon landing happened but they didn't have enough good footage so they had some additional footage shot in a studio to cut in with the real footage -

That definitely didn’t occur.

Last year I read Neil Armstrong’s autobiography written a few years back. He gives an excellent and detailed description of the moon landing and debunks all of the crazy conspiracy theories.

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The moon landings were legitimate and all the footage and photographs were legitimate. Everything about civilian space programs in the US are public domain including the minutia of how images were captured during the Apollo program.

There is such detailed information that Soviet spies were able to smuggle space shuttle designs in support of their own Buran shuttle program by checking the blue-prints out of public libraries in the US.


BTW, Nixon had prepared a tape of condolence for the General Public in case Apollo 11 astronauts didn't make it back alive