UFO spotted at Ti-Cats practise

:roll: According to a Hamilton radio report several UFOs were spotted at a Ti-Cat practise this week. After the Canadian military were contacted and a fly-by occured, it was determined that it was NOT UFOs rather WOUNDED DUCKS which were being thrown by JASON MAAS! :P

Riders Rule


That's funny, I heard it was a bunch of boondock :lol: prairie turkey lurkeys that were being thrown around and laughed at at practice but maybe I heard wrong.

Turkey's going to wear out his key board when he drinks to much screech. I bet jm02 had him in her creative writting class!

Guys, guys, guys. turkey's from Saskatchewan. He hasn't OD'd on Screech...

He's souped up on Red Eye. (That's beer mixed with Mott's Clamato, for those at home)

LOL!!! i had a good laugh at that.

Laugh all you want guys...but really you want to hope Jason has a good game in Edmonton this weekend. After all a Hamilton win helps you with the Esks! :lol:

Ah turkeynuts (as Saskargo would say)you are always good for a laugh! But I think Maas had a good game!

Jason is going to have a great game after spending some quality time in the MAAS bedroom with his wife...nothing like a little love to clear the head!!!!!lolololol