Only if you're wearing rose-coloured glasses, which I take it you are.

Out of curiosity, do you ever post in here about anything other than the Ugly Football League? Like, do you ever chat CFL football with folks here?

Criminy...they have the cash to pay you ten grand a month? I think I better be having a little chat with Mr. Cohon if that's the case.

Being a tad more serious, why do you like the UFL? I watched some games. The quality of football was awful. The atmosphere was non-existent. Clearly you have some reason to care for it.

Help me - what is it?

Maybe his friend, son or father plays. It is a family and friend league after all.
Honestly nobody in Las Vegas has even heard about Las Vegas Locomotives and nobody cares about the California Redwoods.
They have 4 teams spread across a continent, had attendances in the 5000, most of them likely giveaways.

The UFL will fold. Going up against the NFL and Division 1 football is stupid and wont work.

I would agree that the smart play is for the UFL to play in Spring-Summer... night games on week nights for purposes of competing with TV baseball. Dont put too much stock in the 2009 season, it was only intended as a test season to try to draw investors. I think it was poorly executed but I wouldnt count them out quite yet. Any league with Mark Cuban aboard figures to have at least some staying power. A switch to Spring and they maybe around for a long time.

i have an idea. why dont the UFL supporter go post of the UFL.COM website.. oh wait.. IT DOESNT EXIST.

teams that mark cuban own tend to choke pretty quickly. look at the mavs.

its one thing to own a team tho, its another to run the league.

"test" season?

i dont get this.

Its potential future.

See the NFL is the juggernaut right now but the NFL has a weakness -- its size. Its gotten so big, its too big to move. Its at 32 teams in 32 gigantic cities (minus Green Bay and Buffalo) and that's that. On top of that, the level of play required is so very high that it is nearly impossible for a foreign born player to access the league, I believe this has stunted football's growth abroad. Furthermore, the NFL can't and won't be able to, for the foreseeable future, to send clubs abroad to play foreign teams like the European soccer clubs do.

The UFL can change all that. The UFL can not only bring football to smaller big cities that deserve a football team but since its level of play isn't as high as the NFL's it opens the door wider to more opportunities abroad. It makes the possibility of seeing a UFL team someday take on a X-League team (Japan) or a GFL team (Germany) all the more realistic.

The endgame being the promotion of football worldwide to the point where the NFL will have competition from foreign leagues and the world championship will be a worldwide spectacle.

So Artie says:

And Matt sees

Well I'm with Artie on this one. A league that features awful football with no atmosphere has minimal, if any, potential future.

So anyway Matt what about my question? Do you ever chat about CFL football or are you only here to pimp the UFL?

I explained the concept of the "test season" in my earlier post on this thread, the long one. I am not Pro-UFL or Anti for that matter. I saw a thread titled UFL and thought I'd comment. I think the kind of men that are getting behind the UFL as investors are the type of men that the CFL needs to be courting. If CFL could support 9 teams in 1954 shouldnt it be able to support 12 by now? I feel CFL needs to grow its game and it all starts with dynamic proactive men owning teams. Not enough David Braleys out there it seems, or maybe there are; they just need to be found, courted whatever.

No reason why a lot more Americans couldnt be interested in watching CFL on TV. Hockey is a Canadian sport that has thrived in the USA. Canadian Football could be doing a lot better south of the border even without having any teams here. All that would mean is more TV money and merchandise sales for the CFL. How is that a bad thing?

The guy tried to convince, on the official CFL message boards, no less that the UFL expanding to a point in which it killed the CFL would be a good thing for the sport...

It's safe to say this guy is not a CFL fan, but rather the UFL's commish or something.

I chat CFL football. I like the CFL....in a way. I like that its football but I can't stand the mindless rule differences. Some of which I'm pretty confident are made or kept simply because its the opposite of what the NFL decided to do.

Get on board with what is now the worldwide standard. 4 downs, 11 men on the field, 100 yard field, goal posts at the back of the endzone, and no retarded rogue.

You'll still enjoy it. It'll still be Canadian football.

I'm sorry I picked that league over your league...but its hard for me, as an American, to get behind a league with "Canadian" in the title and the catch phrase "Its our league" and rules where a team can win a championship by missing a field goal.

Doesn't that last part scream "broken" to you? It sure does to me.

To be fair, the players in 1954 weren't asking for what the players in 2010 are asking for either.

Its a lot harder to start a team now and keep it running than in 1954...


That is what makes the CFL great, and if I am not mistaken the CFL was started before the NFL, so CFL didn't change the rules, the NFL changed the rules. I like American football, but it get boring watching the QB stand at the LOS and change the play 20 times before taking the snap, and handing it off so the running back can get tackled for a 2 yard gain. CFL is way more exciting with the bigger field and 12 men on the field, and ESPECIALLY the 3 downs!!

Correct Killer. Some of us know a shill for any given matter when we see one, as usually like that guy it is someone who NEVER posts about anything else on here but suddenly emerges with all sorts of such propaganda on some obscure topic like the UFL. And to be angry at Artie for supporting the CFL as a fan like all of us on here? Hello this is a CFL site dude!

It would be great for this MattXG to 'fess up and disclose his true association with the UFL beyond that as if he is merely some rare casual fan, but in doing so he would expose himself for whom he likely is anyway. Or maybe just go away all the better. :lol:

In the meantime I like others will err on the side of caution with his future posts.

As a fellow American and student of all things football and frequent commenter on this site as a new CFL fan, this statement is obviously more ignorant of the history and nature of the respective games than I care to get into dude.

If you don't really like Canadian football and wish it were the American football game, irrespective of each of their understandable current rules as each derived separately from rugby union of the later 19th century, why are you really here? :roll:

Or better yet don't bother to answer you UFL shill! :lol:

Everything is relative. If minimum salaries are higher, so are minimum ticket prices. TV money today, even in relative terms should be substantially higher than it was in 1954. Merchandise sales were probably close to non-existant in 1954. Ask the Riders if they are today. The CFL has a salary management system. They will live within their means. If a player doesnt like CFL money he can choose not to play, or to play elsewhere. The game will survive that.

The problem is finding owners that want to operate CFL teams. I think a team in Atlantic Canada or Quebec City (or both?) would do Great. I would love to own one. I dont have the money I'd need to get it going. If I did, not only do I think it would be profitable, it would be a ton of FUN too. To compete for the Grey Cup, even as an owner; would be a tremendous thrill.

I cant believe there arent some rich Canadian businessmen or women that dont see not only profit potential but the enjoyment they would have with this. Its not like working 50+ hours a week selling beer, or some even more mundane product. And thats what needs to be the message that goes out to the Canadian business community nationwide. If I were CFL I would run ads on the Internet business pages, on the Canadian TV media, in the Wall Street Journal &/or its Canadian equivalent, anywhere people could be reached that have the means for the game. Thoroughbred horse racing does this already & I think this game has the potential to be bigger than it is, even in Canada alone, right now.

I hate 3 downs. I hate the amount of passing the CFL does, I think its more fun watching a guy trying to run through a gauntlet of bodies than to see a ball go 20 yards through the air and watch that guy get tackled soon thereafter.

I realize the NFL is shifting towards passing more and more but its not the CFL yet.

Furthermore, I enjoy a methodical, sustained drive. Something you don't see enough of in the CFL.

Also, you didn't address the fact that a championship game can be won by the team that misses a field goal at the end. How great will that be?

about as good as a team getting only 1 shot in overtime. YUP.

for all the flaws you point out about the CFL.. the same can be said about the NFL AND UFL.

sorry man but i prefer points being scored as opposed to guys sitting there for 30 secs calling out plays and killing half the clock..

last 3 mins of an nfl game.. flip it off.. its over

last 3 mins of a cfl game.. U COULD SCORE LIKE 5 TOUCHDOWNS, more even. ITS BEEN DONE in the past

4 downs to get 10 yards.. yup so exciting.

I like the rouge, its part of the history of the sport. If used properly yes it can be the deciding factor in a game. But how often does it happen? Many CFL teams can sustain a drive fairly well, and how is watching a guy run up the gut for 2-3 yards and then maybe breaking one of 20+ yards once a game if he is lucky more exciting then seeing a WR dive and catch a ball, get up and run down the field for a TD?