Not that it matters much to the CFL, but the Grey Cup won't be the only pro football championship played on the Nov. 26-28 weekend:


At first I was a little concerned that the UFL may try to come up to the CFL and steal some of our better players. After reviewing the UFL's first season, I am surprised there even is a second UFL season. The first season was a total disaster. Attendance at games was often well under 5,000 even with half of those being give-aways. I am sure the league bled red ink by the tens of millions. Their TV deal was the only thing bringing in income. Their whole business model was a joke from the beginning. It is hard to believe that intelligent men who have made millions and millions in their businesses, can be so stupid when it comes to sports. After this year you can add the UFL to the same scrap pile as the USFL,WLAF, NFL Europe and the WFL. Long live the CFL.

Right on WVCFL West Virginia represent! :slight_smile:

If there were a yawn face I would use that now with regard to the UFL that reminded me of the XFL when I actually passed some time watching a game at work last November. It's just awful football for the most part like most any American football that is not NFL except a few college teams each year. And then there is that arena bastardisation of gridiron football too. :roll:

Funny how our perspectives differ when we come from different backgrounds. I just assumed that WV meant West Vancouver ! :o You may be right though. Maybe Mr. WVCFL will spill the beans. :smiley:

As for UFL, what's that and what's it stand for (insert Yawn smilie here)?

West Virginia it is.

Last year was a complete test run.

They now have 5 teams (added Omaha) and relocated 2 of their teams to better locations for the league (NY -> Hartford, SF -> Sacramento). If not for a fight with San Antonio University, they’d have 6 teams this year. They already have another investor/team ready (they won’t say if its San Antonio or not) but that team won’t play until next year.

So they have 6 (maybe 7?) teams now. They’re shooting for 8 next year and more the following year. They just got Mark Cuban to jump in as an investor and they are working out an agreement with another television network and they’ll probably be picked up again by Versus.

I’m telling you, don’t sleep on these guys. Its run entirely by ex-NFL people that know what they are doing. It’ll be bigger than the CFL in another year or two…

Clip and save.

Gee Matt, are you on the UFL payroll by any chance? On the one hand I admire your loyalty, you appear to be a fan of this league, but on the other hand I did watch some of their games online last year. . . and I'd never be able to be a fan . . . I thought it was dreadful football. I think I'd even get more entertainment value out of arena football, and that's saying something. Just my opinion, mind you.

......my opinion as well MadJack....I'm surprised that the so-called 'smart' ex-nfl people made the error of putting their effort and money into a loser league like that....Just a flash in the pan is an overstated description...

UFL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THIS WAY TO THE SCRAP HEAP.... :wink:

May as well add the uFL to the heap of corpses: XFL, WLAF, AFL...

For whatever reason, it's very difficult to embrace new Leagues. I can only think of the MLS and WNBA as new leagues that started in the past 50 years that remain today. Though the WNBA is on borrowed time, IMHO.

WNBA should try playing on a smaller court with a lower hoop to try and inject some speed and pizazz into the game. As it is now, the few games I have seen have been slow, low scoring affairs with little excitement. Then again I've seen my share of high priced Warrior game clunkers too :lol:

I've never seen a UFL game, so I'll reserve comment on that league. Maybe I'll try and make it to a game this year. I seriously doubt it will have any impact at all on the CFL though, even if it does become a (unlikely) success.

how can the ufl become decent when only like familly and friends showed up.

test run? LOL test run my butt.. if hdnet or whatever weak channel its on didnt need tv, UFL would be gone already.

doesnt mark cuban own hdnet? even and isnt he one of the so called 'brains" behind the UNSEEN FOOTBALL LEAGUE

Agreed, cemeteries are littered with failed US football league and this one is already dead.

I think there were a number of UFL players last year that signed NFL contracts this year. If they do stick around and continue to get US tv coverage, and can get NFL attention it might become tempting for a lot of CFL players. I brought this up last year, I am a little worried about this league and what it could do to the CFL.

bet there was more cfl players who signed in the nfl this past off season.

fact is, noone watched the UFL, ok 8 people.

sorry man, its a money loser and its not gonna get any better. in the states ITS NFL, NCAA, and thats IT. PEOPLE DONT CARE ABOUT MINOR LEAGUE promotions like the UFL and thats what the ufl is, truly its a minor league. its the american hockey league of football.

I can see how you can take a quick glance at the UFL and say its dead on arrival.

The attendance numbers for season one were pretty bad. The players uniforms were worse and the referees uniforms were worse still.


If you look closer and you look at what they've been doing and what's going to happen over the next year they have good odds.

-I'm pretty confident attendance will be way up this year because they've moved the NFL city clubs to non-NFL cities and those cities seem pretty excited. Quote me on that. We only have a few months to go.

-Another tv contract in the works with another big network. Also working to renew the contract with Versus.

-CFL strike this year, NFL strike next year -- UFL by default will receive a bump in attention between those two events alone. (Not saying NFL stars will sign on with the UFL though, of course)

-The Bank of Mark Cuban has signed on. Mark the Billionaire has signed on as an "investor" but he doesn't own a team. So in other words, he's just giving them access to his bank account. So they're financed for the next 2 seasons already.

-They already have a 6th team, hoping to have 8 by 2011.

My question to you all is, what will become of the CFL when the CFL draft is third in the pecking order of the drafts?


quit stirring the pot.

get back to me when more than 11 people show up for a game and more than 6 people watch it on tv.

"My question to you all is, what will become of the CFL when the CFL draft is third in the pecking order of the drafts?"

The same as what happened when the USFL, NAFL, NFL Europe and the XFL. In a word, nothing. I've still seen nothing that makes this league any different. It will be around for a few years, then fade away like all the others.

How much do they pay you to be their shill anyway? If you're really good at it, do you get bumped to NFL message boards? Because this has got to be the backwater, doesn't it?

Count against the UFL also that they play in the FALL in direct competition to the peak sports season as opposed to in that elusive void of the spring especially between March and June where there remains still a large audience not into basketball, and whether or not they are into NHL hockey, to capture. This is sort of an elusive Holy Grail of gridiron football despite a sizeable untapped audience that even will resort to various awful arena leagues -- how to build a successful gridiron football league for spring play in the US?

Geez even nowadays they run the lame college spring scrimmages with all the hyperbole and hype on ESPN given the higher interest above the hyped production the NFL draft has become as well.

Going at it with another league for the fall though is the wrong approach if one is after the existing football audience, many of whom like me also on here and other blogs have to endure football withdrawal for too long every year.

Re: The UFL... Here is the thing. I thought the idea of the first "test" season was too poorly & cheaply executed. They turned off too many prospective fans. They based this idea on the 1987 "test season" of the Arena Football League that Jim Foster staged for demonstration purposes to investors. AFL was quite a huge novelty when ESPN televised it's test season games and attracted a lot of public interest. We would still have the "major league version" of the ArenaFL today if its owners hadnt been so shortsighted.

ArenaFL was a whole league owned concept (a "team owner" had a percentage of the league as a whole as an investor, not his own team. All he had was the right to operate a team.) and the owners switched it to a league consisting of individual teams each wholly owned by an "owner". This created a minimally regulated competition for players and a salary spiral that the economics of the AFL would not support. Under the single ownership structure the League originally had, its legal under US law to have a universally applicable wage scale.

The UFL's test season was done on the cheap, and looked very bad on Versus. Why did a team called the California "Redwoods" have team colors of blue and green, like the rest of the whole league? Owner scrimping for cost control was why, but hopefully with new investors and money most of that will be remedied this year.

Things will improve. More money and investors coming in means more teams. Means a bigger and better TV deal ( or TV DEALS ala the NFL and even some of its wanna be competitors of the past) is coming. These men apparently have studied their history and know something that the CFL's owners appear to be shockingly ignorant of. There IS a TV market for more Fall football (midweek is a Great idea) as well as for Spring-Summer Football. Look how many games the other major sports televise vs. football. The Leagues that failed in the past all had fundamental operational flaws that masked the truth that there is a BIG market for this product.

WFL of 1974-75 had grandiose dreams and nowhere near enough operating capital. Running a big time football operation can be hideously expensive very quickly. Cost control is ESSENTIAL. Travel, roster size, player and coaching salaries, venue rental, TV and radio deals. Think of what those, or the lack of the last two... can do to a budget. WFL decision to play on weekends in 1975 rather than mid-week night games, killed a surprisingly lucrative 1974 TV deal they had. The decision to be "big league" and sign big name NFL talent did the rest, forcing salary structure for everyone up.

USFL of 1983-85 had TWO TV deals, both very generous, with ABC and ESPN. Decisions by greedy shortsighted owners like Donald Trump, who "had" to be in the NFL, killed a league that would still be around today. The decision to go to the fall and play in 1986 and fund this effort with proceeds from an anti-trust lawsuit against NFL (the $3.00 dollar award killed that) killed the whole league.

WLAF and NFL Europe had no TV appeal to the North American fan because they played in large European Olympic (with wide running tracks! The fans were far from the field, those few that came) and soccer stadia with very small crowds of largely indifferent fans. It looked & sounded boring and unimportant and so who wants to watch that? No one did in the end.

And the XFL of 2001... again 2 TV deals...! But... the lowbrow presentation by Vince McMahon convinced everyone that this was a party for adolescent and newly post-adolescent young males only. Another promising and well backed start ends up circling the drain.

If the UFL money men avoid hubris and greed and dont all think they can or want to be in the NFL, this League can succeed. And will be a competitor for non-NFL level talent with the CFL.

Dont forget that it took the American Football League a few years of poor crowds, inadequate stadia and cheap owners & uniforms, (mainly the Denver Broncos famous hideous brown and yellow look with the striped sox, because the whole lot was available dirt cheap. Buffalos first year look was terrible also. Many famous teams through the years got started like that, with cheap discount bulk lots of uni's the old pro Massillon Tigers, Chicago (Arizona) Cardinals, even the Green look of the Saskatchewan Roughriders) and low talent levels. But it only took 6 seasons for them to force a merger.

CFL needs to look to ways to grow their game. Whether its expansion, better US TV, an earlier or longer season. Whatever. They need to do something. Cant stay static in a dynamic marketplace. UFL may or may not succeed, but the market they are shooting for is large, real & untapped. If UFL doesnt make it, sooner or later someone is going to do things right and make it big. No reason it couldnt or even cant still be the CFL.

Probably the same amount the CFL pays you to be a CFL shill.

I'll be more worried the day the UFL tries to outbid the NFL for draft picks (the USFL's downfall) than I am of their future currently.

They have a bright future if they maintain this course.