UFL: Will we get the games on TV?

The UFL will be starting Oct. 8th. (lets see if the league even makes it to that date)

The games are on the VS Network.

Do we get that here?

Note: I am with Bell for my TV services.

I don't think so but TSN or Score may Pick them up

They're that desperate for programming?

Have you watched TSN II or the Score :lol:

Point well taken.

I want to watch it just to see how bad the talent level is. Watching guys like Brooks Bollinger and J.P Losman be some of the best QB's in an american football league should be a laugher.

Why would anyone want to watch this crap?
Plus, it won't get off the ground anyway.

Maybe the Score, but not TSN2. They have to be a time-shifted version of TSN for 90% of the time. I doubt they'd waste any part of the other 10% on that carp.

8) A certain person on this site thinks J.P. Losman should be the next Argo QB !!! :roll:

You might want to try the TELETOON channel. :wink:

Or better yet, look for it on SCREAM. :wink:

I'll watch it because I have always been fascinated with "Rebel leagues".

I was not alive when the WHA was around (born in 1980) but I've read multiple books on the league and will read ANYTHING that even mentions the league.

I think the league will maybe finish it's first season (6 games WTF?) and then die off like a sick dog in the woods.


Anything other than the NFL is great. I don't really enjoy seeing multi-million dollar players.

The XFL Finished it 1st year ..
No 2nd year cause of no TV Deal.. If Ratings Suck the league will Die quickly

This league will obviously die, who is going to watch this silly league with a 6 week sched? I’ll be watching the nfl/cfl over this bunk anyday.