I am on the United Football League page on Facebook and it floors me that on a regular basis these UFL thudfu*ks post moronic stuff like...

"The UFL should contact the CFL to play cross promotion games. It will help both leagues".

Give me a break - lol

The CFL is about to kick start the season to compete for the 100th Grey Cup and the UFL has yet to play a full scheduled season. 5 games is NOT season.

I don't know if it's an inferiority complete or something else but why does it bother me that these American football "fans" are so stupid? Check out game footage of a CFL and UFL contest... forget the inferior skill level of the UFL... check out the stands!



ufl is a joke just like the no fun league, nothing compares to OUR CFL :thup:

I thought the preferred terminology was "nothing compares to SENATOR BRALEY'S CFL". :wink:

In some people's stupid people that is minds, if it ain't the NFL it may as well be Aunt Granny's house league. :?

I think the "CFL is crap" camp are idiots too, Earl; however, I happen to think the "No Fun League" people are also morons. I have never understood either group. I don't get the mentality of people who think to talk negatively about one makes the other look better. It just makes both of them look like fools to me.

RIP for the UFL, joining the many cemeteries of dead football leagues.

UFL is not really a pro league. To be a professional league you have to pay your players.

Zing !

Agree blogskee for sure. If you're a gridiron fan, you're a gridiron fan and enjoy the essence of what the game is about and the league really shouldn't matter much if at all.

correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the UFL recently "suspend" operations (i.e. insolvency) and truncated this past season in order to prevent further financial losses?

I didn't mean that. Let's stop trying to "compare" to the NFL and bring up stupid comments like "no fun league" etc
Instead of putting down other leagues what about describing what is good about the CFL....................
The thing is that there are a lot of people that love football that like the NFL and the CFL and when you start putting down the NFL, you encourage people to bash the CFL

There are some things we can poke fun at from a Canadian and worldy perspective when it comes to American pro ports. I love how when you win the superhype that you are a "World Champion" of football when you are ONLY competing against teams from the US and A. Also you are "World Champion" after winning the NBA title when there are pro basketball teams in Europe that could compete in the NBA. Also, you are a "World Series" champion in baseball. I'm pretty sure there are some baseball teams in Japan that could give some serious competition to the Yankees or Cardinals. You don't hear the Queensland Reds proclaiming to be the "World Champion" in rugby after winning the Super Rugby championship last year, or FC Barcelona claiming to be the "World Champion" soccer team after winning La Liga last year, they know better than our best neighbors to the south :lol: .

Just my two (soon to be discontinued) Canadian Pennies.

I live for the CFL and no other sport,

Chive on!

PS, could someone explain to me what the UFL is, does it stand for the Underdeveloped Football League or something? :wink:

Oh yes, also my pet peeve.
They are stupid "World Champions" in everything played.
One of the more memorable ones was the NBA World Champions, even after they lost that year in the Olympics and the World Basketball Championship.

I don't like the World Champion label being applied either, but what NBA champion lost in the Olympics and the World Championships? Last I checked, NBA teams don't play in either of those tournaments.

Back to the main topic...

It seriously bothers me that people are so ignorant to our game that they simply feel, without actually seeing a game, that because it's Canadian it's bush-league. The UFL is a horse poop league yet dozens of people think that the UFL's quick fix is to play games with the CFL and I've even seen a few people say that they should use CFL teams for expansion into their league (lmao - seriously). They even talk about how the talent in the UFL is far superior to the CFL. I want to slap people! The Arena League (which is gimick football... but I'm ashamed to admit I watch it when I can) has better talent than the UFL. What legitimate player wants to play a 4-6 game season?

No not NBA teams in either, but players from the league as a "dream team" scenario, you do not recall?
Americans playing basketball are no longer the best.

No league can compete with NFL in the States... impossible. Arena league is different enough to be exempt. USFL, XFL, UFL...all the same. UFL can't survive long... NFL will swallow them up.

I have no dog in this fight, but a collection of all-stars who are not long-term teammates is not necessarily the most capable team a country can field.